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Henkaku plugin that fakes invalid camera calls in order to avoid some crashes for some titles on PlayStation TV.

Of course, those titles have been blocked by Sony and you must previously unlock them in order to launch them. Use an application like AntiBlackList (from Rinnegatamante) to do it:

Once titles are unlocked, they could crash due unexpected SceCamera API answers (because they were never conceived to run on a device without camera). This is where this plugin could intervene to "simulate" expected answers and, therefore, avoid some crashes.

With "fakecamerabmp.suprx" or "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" plugin, a BMP file image can be loaded and used as camera output. Images must be placed in "ux0:data/FakeCamera" directory. An image is selected in this directory with the following priority:

  • "ux0:data/FakeCamera/TITLEID00_Front.bmp" or "ux0:data/FakeCamera/TITLEID00_Back.bmp" (depends on front or back camera use)
  • "ux0:data/FakeCamera/TITLEID00.bmp"
  • "ux0:data/FakeCamera/ALL_Front.bmp" or "ux0:data/FakeCamera/ALL_Back.bmp" (depends on front or back camera use)
  • "ux0:data/FakeCamera/ALL.bmp"


The plugin "fakecamera.suprx" doesn't have any dependency.

The plugin "fakecamerabmp.suprx" depends on an additional kernel plugin:

For "fakecamerakbmp.suprx", there is also another dependency on the following kernel plugin:

Those dependencies must be loaded otherwise "fakecamerabmp.suprx" or "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" won't load.


For each title which crashes when it should activate the camera, you can add those lines in ux0:tai/config.txt:


OR (even if the title doesn't crash, it will allow you to set up a BMP image as camera output)



OR (if the BMP file loading doesn't work with normal rights)



Replace TITLEID00 by your title identifier or by ALL to affect all titles.

DO NOT use "fakecamera.suprx", "fakecamerabmp.suprx" or "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" on the same configuration!


  • PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - The game won't crash on a multiplayer session start! (due to the useless picture feature)
  • PCSF00214 - Tearaway - It won't crash but it will be locked on some asked interactions, like shaking the PS Vita (use DSMotion to by-pass this problem)

BMP load compatibility

  • PCM300001 - Pro Camera Vita - Works fine
  • VITASHELL - Vita Shell - Works fine in QR scan feature
  • NPXS10007 - Welcome Park - Works fine in "Hello Face" and "Snap + Slide" (ARGB format test case) mini-games
  • PCSB00031 - Virtua Tennis 4 - Works fine in "CAM VT" mode (packed YUV422 format test case)
  • PCSF00214 - Tearaway - Works fine
  • PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - Works fine with low resolution images (tested with 64x64)
  • PCSF00043 - Frobisher Says - "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" is mandatory! Works fine (planed YUV420 format test case) but loading times are highly slowed down

Please report if you find a title where this feature doesn't work (just check with a low resolution BMP image and "fakecamerakbmp.suprx" before reporting).


  • Rinnegatamante for "AntiBlackList" application and his "kuio.skprx" plugin
  • xerpi for his "libvita2d" source code which inspired me for BMP format read