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This release is a known-good set of software, and the STL files attached here as the hardware this source was tested against.

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* trapazoidal foot motion profile

* modular cycle grouping

* working dynamic wave gait

* adding IMU print to dynamics

* adding listeners

* removing IMU in loop

* IMU integrated into walking gait

* dynamic gait

* normal speed

* adjustable pan and tilt values

* normal shoulder gait

* parametric static offsets

* static offsets should tilt to down side

* latest dynamics

* removing dead links

* removed stub links

* catch NPE

* ensuring push

* adding coriolius updater

* swagger

* step home resets neck

* adding the timeouts back in

* smooth bobbing to shif balence

* at-speed walking with head and tail bob

* heat crests at the weaight shift point

* standard smoothed bobbing unless UMU updates

* dynamic step gait timing

* adding dynamic speed updates

* dynamic loop speed based on ground speed

* cleaned up the step reset cycle trajectory loop

* full dynamics with all legs

* corrected maximum step size

* no motion when stopped

* full trajectory step cycle working

* dynamics tuning

* catch teh multi-set exception

* proper step loop resetting

* time gap the recalulation loop

* using the step cycle count to determ pan value

* timeout of commands

* tighter gait

* wait for the previous command to finish

* bound  velocity but not overall translation

* cached the pose, lets use this as the target later

* set the global transform

* cached positions for avoiding collisions

* full stack full cycle walking gait, no hiicups

* working cycle

* adding possiblity checks to sets

* Force homing even is pathing errors occour

* Moved the stat machine updater cycle into the state machine system

* attempt to use the set joint values first

* updaed dynamisc walking

* adding the tripod style gait

* modularized the building of the leg groups

* comments

* waiting on the timeout, not the timouut vatiable to accept a new command

* bount gait percentage to 1

* no prints

* bounding the step lenght appropratly

* stop impossible pose update from executing

* fail out pose updates that are not possible

* parameterize the minimum step over time as the minimum gait time