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Undo error #9

benbro opened this Issue · 2 comments

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There are two issues with undo.

The undo/redo buttons should be disabled
Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shouldn't throw an error when the history is empty.

  • Connect to the demo.
  • Click the undo or redo buttons or click ctrl+z Error: undo not possible ot.js (line 743)

Probably related to the previous issue

  • Connect to the demo.
  • Type the letter "a"
  • Click Ctrl+Z once
  • Click Ctrl+Z again Error: The base length of the second operation has to be the target length of the first operation ot.js (line 256)



Actually, the issues you describe are three separate bugs: the buttons' state doesn't reflect the undo/redo state, no error should be thrown and the undo error you get when using ctrl-z. They should all be fixed in the current HEAD.


I've tested ctrl-z and ctrl-y with HEAD and it looks good. Thanks.

@timjb timjb closed this
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