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  1. PyOphidia PyOphidia Public

    Python library of the Ophidia framework

    Python 10 8

  2. ophidia-analytics-framework ophidia-analytics-framework Public

    Core modules and operators of the Ophidia framework

    C 6 4

  3. ophidia-server ophidia-server Public

    Front-end server of the Ophidia framework

    C 5 4

  4. ophidia-io-server ophidia-io-server Public

    In-memory IO server of the Ophidia framework

    C 3 4

  5. ophidia-primitives ophidia-primitives Public

    Array-based primitives for the Ophidia framework

    C 2 3

  6. ophidia-terminal ophidia-terminal Public

    Command line interface of the Ophidia framework

    C 3 2


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