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This is in very early development. Almost nothing works. The stuff that does work will probably change.

Ophis is a core music notation, theory, and analysis tool which can be used as the basis for other music applications. It supports contemporary/conventional notation and Gregorian notation.


  • Tonus --- Pitch classes, pitches, octave designations.
  • Mensura --- Time signatures, rhythms, note duration.
  • Nota --- Notes, note expressions.
  • Melodia --- Horizontal note structures (melodies, lines, voices, scales).
  • Lyrica --- lyrics, verses.
  • Chorda --- Vertical and two-dimensional note structures (chords, harmonies, polyphony).
  • Signum --- Clefs, staff and score expressions, additional markings.
  • Armonica --- Music theory and analysis.
  • Scribo --- Notation/printing via Lilypond, Gregorio, and other formats (MusicXML, ABC).
  • Medio --- MIDI control.
  • Boustrophedon --- JavaScript wrapper/API/something (JSON)