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go simple webapp template

This template is intended to show how one can easily setup a tls encrypted webserver in go including routing, html templating and assets.

Finally all resources are compiled into the binary, to be ready to deploy.

As you can see from the go.mod file there are some third party dependencies bound to this project.

Here are some reasons why I prefer to use them.

Routing (gorilla mux)

As router I chosse the gorilla.mux, which is pretty famous.

It is easy to use, allows short, expressive configuration and has good regular expression support for route parameters.

Compiling Assets (statics)

For compiling assets into the binary there are a lot of libraries.

The method is not complicated:

  • convert the binaries into go files
  • make those files act as a filesystem (http.Dir)

I choose statics from the go playground, which seemed to be the most flexible or straight forward one to me.

Check out the others if you like. This page is dedicated to that topic: (

Logging (logrus)

The reasons for logrus are pretty straight forward. I like it has colors ... sometimes.... and ... it's used by docker!! ;-) No, seriously. I've seen it can be used in production for logging to syslog,logstash and more.

Getting started

You should install statics locally to be able to build.

  • install go get -u
  • then call make build
  • You will find the binary in .build-assets

local dev

For local development I suggest to use the .env file which sets the assets to be load from local filesystem instead of lokking in the generated go files. Sure, since you don't want to generate assets each time you tweaked your templates.

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