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Opquast Desktop Firefox add-on.

Opquast Desktop is an application that allows you to analyze your website using different quality or accessibility checklists.

Use it

If you just want to install Opquast Desktop on your browser, get the extension on Opquast Desktop Website.

Hack it

There are some submodules into packages/. Do not forget to initialize them:

git submodule init
git submodule update

You have to install jpm, npm and nodejs. To install them, follow this instructions

Launch it

To test the addon in Firefox, go in the opquast-desktop directory then execute npm install a first time, to create the node_modules directory from the packages/ directory content. Each time you make modifications into packages/, remove the node_modules directory and re-run npm install. (npm update doesn't update node_modules from packages/ unless you change also the version into the packages.json of packages).

To launch Firefox with the extensions, execute jpm run.

If you want to run the extension with a specific firefox and and a specific profile, you can run for example:

jpm run -b ~/bin/firefoxes/firefox-beta/firefox -p ~/.mozilla/firefox/mbxi7o7z.beta

See jpm help.

Unit tests

You must execute jpm test.

You can execute a specific test. For example to launch test/test-netlog.js, you must call jpm test -f netlog.

You can use also flags to specify a firefox binary and/or a profile.

Package it

To create a package,

  1. be sure to have an update node_modules directory (remove it and execute npm install if this is not the case)
  2. execute the given script Do not use "jpm xpi" as jpm will include all test/ directory in node_modules packages.


Opquast Desktop is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public Licence.

About the Opquast project

Opquast (Open Quality Standards) is a Web quality and accessibility improvement framework developed by Temesis. It was created in 2003. This project provides checklists (Qualité Web, SEO, Open data…), testing tools (Opquast Desktop, Inspector), a mobile application (iOpquast) and online services (Opquast reporting, Opquast directory…).


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