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Command line tools for EarthKit



Packages should have at least two files, types.go and package.go. All types declared in a package should go in types.go. All package-level functions with no receivers, general utility functions, and variables, whether exported or not, should go in package.go.

Functions that have receivers should go into a file named after the receiver type (all lowercase). For example, if you have a type foo then all methods with foo as the receiver should be put in foo.go. It is OK to have functions without receivers in the receiver-type source files as long as they are fundamentally related to one of the receiver functions in the source file. For example, you might have a function that is recursive, but the exported signature is not recursive (to prevent the user from being concerned with the initial case). It would be OK to include the helper (recursive) function alongside the exported receiver function. Example:

func (foo *Foo) RecursiveFunc() {
    doRecursiveFunc(foo, "start")
func doRecursiveFunc(foo *Foo, initialState string) {
    // ...


  • Install Go for your platform
  • set GOPATH, GOROOT, and PATH according to Go instructions for your platform
  • in $GOPATH/src, run:
    • go get
    • cd
    • go build
  • set up your $HOME/.earthkitrc file replacing your AWS key and secret with those for your own AWS account
  • you're ready to run! Run "earthkit-cli" to see the list of available commands and options.

###Usage ####Working with dataset

earthkit-cli init workspace_name [dir]
earthkit-cli push fileset_name [-c "some helpful comment"]
earthkit-cli pull fileset_name [-p pattern1,pattern2,…,patternN]
earthkit-cli clone workspace_name [fileset_name] [-p pattern1,pattern2,…,patternN]
earhtkit-cli workspaces
earthkit-cli filesets [workspace_name]

Cloud machines managements

earthkit-cli pool-create machine_type count
earthkit-cli pool-list
earthkit-cli pool-kill (all | machine_id)
earthkit-cli pool-stop (all | machine_id)

Running jobs



EarthKit command line tools




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