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Installing Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) on Single Node kubernetes

Install a Spinnaker instance with-in an hour using an opinionated developer install. Please note that this installation is not suitable for production use.

Before going through the installation steps, its a great idea to go through the following: and

What you need: A laptop or desktop running Ubuntu 18.04 with i5(8 core), 32GB Memory and 500GB SSD. Access to the monitor (or display) is required.

Before you install OES, please send an email to []{.underline} requesting access to the OES images. We would require your dockerhub id to grant you access. If you do not already have a dockerhub id, you can get one at .

Software Setup

Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+T), create a temporary directory and CD into it

1) git clone

2) cd enterprise-spinnaker/scripts/easy-spinnaker

3) sudo

Spinnaker Installation Procedure

A) Edit and update "docker-username" and "docker-password" for the OES images

B) vagrant up # Create VMs, install k8s & Spinnaker, takes about 30 minutes)

C) Access Spinnaker URL (printed above) on from the host machine

TIP: Shutting down the laptop: use the "vagrant suspend" command to suspend the VM before shutting down the laptop. After a power-cycle, use "vagrant up" command to restart the VM.

TIPS to handle any errors:

a) In case of a network error, we can re-execute step (D) as follows:

vagrant destroy -f # Delete the VMs

vagrant up

b) If spin-deck pod goes into CrashLoop, it will need to be given root-permissions to run. Sample spin-deck.yaml is in the git. Note that this may have security implications.

Vagrant ssh master # Login the VM

kubectl edit deploy spin-deck # Opens an editor

Change this line:

securityContext: {}

to this:


runAsUser: 0

c) The application URL is []{.underline}:{DECK NodePort} can be obtained with this command on the master node:

kubectl get svc spin-deck-ui -n oes -o jsonpath='{""}{...nodePort}{"\n"}'

Manual Software Setup [ Not needed unless there is an issue in]

Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+T), create a temporary directory and CD into it

1) Install virtualbox 5.2 from [here]{.underline}.

2) Install Vagrant version 2.2.4 from [here]{.underline}.

3) Install disksize plugin using this command: vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize

4) Install helm 3.0.1 from [here]{.underline}. Copy the "helm" command to the "easy-spinnaker" directory.

Delete all software installed

Execute the following steps:

sudo ./

cd ../../..

rm -rf enterprise-spinnaker

** **

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