Issues arranging windows

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Other windows are not re-sized correctly when arranging them horizontally or vertically around OptiKey

When arranging other windows horizontally or vertically you may sometimes notice that a window is positioned correctly, but is not re-sized as you would expect. This is due to a restriction on the other window which prevents it from being made smaller than a specific width/height. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this as these restrictions are beyond my control.

The Start ("Metro") screen in Windows 8 (or a full screen Windows Store app) is being re-sized by the arrange horizontally/vertically key

This is intentional and will be reverted automatically when you exit OptiKey. You can optionally maximise the Start screen again from within OptiKey from the Position menu by selecting the 'Arrange Maximised' key. See Size & Position for more.

If the Start screen or Windows Store app is NOT being re-sized automatically when you exit OptiKey then you can repair it by changing your screen's resolution (and then changing it back again), or rebooting your computer/laptop/tablet.

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