Using mouse emulation

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OptiKey can be controlled with a mouse as well as directly using an eye tracker (the preferred method).

If your eye tracker is not yet supported by OptiKey (check Supported eye trackers) then you may still be able to use OptiKey so long as your eye tracker software offers mouse control.

Set up your eye tracker:

Setup will depend on which eye tracker you are using. You need to configure your eye tracker software to control the position of the mouse, and make sure it is moving the mouse comfortably and reliably.

Set up OptiKey:

If you have changed which device OptiKey is using for input (e.g. to an eye tracker) then you will need to tell OptiKey to listen to your mouse cursor position again...

  1. Open OptiKey's Management Console (with OptiKey focussed press ALT + M) and select the "Pointing & Selecting" tab.

  2. Change the "Source" (under "Pointing") to "Mouse Position".

  3. Leave the "Key selection source" and "Point selection source" set to "Fixation" for now.

  4. You may want to slow OptiKey down a little.

  5. Click "OK" to save your changes. OptiKey may need to restart, but your changes will be saved.

  6. When OptiKey starts up again it will be listening to your mouse cursor's position so try moving your head (or whatever your webcam application is tracking). Position the cursor over a key and complete a fixation ("dwell") to make a selection.

N.B. OptiKey will attempt to use your mouse cursor position every time you run it from now on until you change the Pointing source to something else.

Hiding your cursor:

If you find that the mouse position is inaccurate and you are being distracted by the cursor, you can hide it in Windows. Keys will still be highlighted when you look at them, and OptiKey will show you an enlarged cursor when you want to use mouse control. This is very similar to using OptiKey directly with your eyetracker, and can make it easier for users who could be distracted by the movements of the cursor.

Details of two methods to hide your cursor are discussed here:

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