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Easy to make optics bench using a laser cutter
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#Lasercut Optics Bench

Simple optics holders from common hardware and pieces cut on a laser cutter.

##About the optics bench

If you want to do optics experiments, you'll need a way to hold the components. Commercial optical holders tend to be expensive.

This project describes a set of simple optics holders that you can make from common hardware and pieces cut using your laser cutter.

Sources are DXF files that you can import and cut with most laser software.

Although inexpensive, the system can make variety of interesting and subtle optical setups, such as:

  • Measure the focal length of a lens
  • Project an image on a screen
  • A simple telescope
  • A simple microscope
  • Design and development of lens systems
  • A Michelson Interferometer

This project was a 2016 Hackaday Prize entry.

A complete description, along with build instructions and suggestions, is available on the project Wiki.

The project is in a good state, but not actively developed.

If you'd like to contribute, contact the author here on GitHub or from the Hackaday project page.

If you find problems or bugs, have feedback or find something ambiguous or difficult to understand, feel free to post a bug or contact the author. The project is not being actively developed, but bugs will be addressed in a timely manner.

###Demonstration Video

Laser cut optics bench

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