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Grav OnWebChat Live Chat Box Plugin

OnWebChat Live Chat Box is a GRAV Plugin and allows to integrate live chat functionality on page, to use this, you will need an account at OnWebChat Free Accounts are available.

The full documentation is available at the developer's website

OnWebChat Live Chat Plugin works with Gantry5 on GRAV too :)

We strongly recommend that you create your account at onWebChat before you install the onWebChat Plugin for GRAV. You can choose either a free account or a paid account whichever has the features that fit your needs best.

1. Installing onWebChat Plugin

Follow these instructions to install the onWebChat plugin

a. Install onWebChat Plugin

Install the onWebChat Plugin from GPM.

From Command Line


$ bin/gpm install onwebchat

From The Admin Interface GUI

b. Configure onWebChat Plugin

Add the ChatId from your OnWebChat control panel into the admin panel or the onwebchat.yaml file.

c. Enable onWebChat Plugin

Browse to your website and you will have your onWebChat plugin enabled and visible for your website users to contact you (or your client)

onWebChat is by default enabled on all pages of your GRAV website. If you want to change the default status for all pages, change the field "Active on pages by default" or set active_default in onwebchat.yaml

2. Controlling onWebChat Plugin

You can toggle the onWebChat plugin for specific pages by adding a line to their frontmatter. The default behaviour, without this line, is determined by the value of the plugin configuration active_default (or "Active on pages by default" in the Admin plugin dashboard).

To achieve this, you need to add one of the following lines to the frontmatter of the pages that you want to set individually:

onwebchat: false


onwebchat: true

We have disabled the plugin using this code on the Contact page.


Optik Web Creative would like to thank the onWebChat for permission to create this plugin.

Optik Web Creative would also like to thank the GRAV Gitter Community for valuable assistance with bug-testing and problem resolution.