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Next word prediction

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Optikey supports the Presage engine, a 3rd party application you can install and use for word completion and next word prediction. It is free and excellent. To use Presage with Optikey:

  1. Install Presage version 0.9.2 32-bit (specifically "presage-0.9.2~beta20150909-32bit" from presage-0.9.2~beta20150909-32bit-setup.exe). PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE DEFAULT INSTALLATION OPTIONS - Presage must be installed to the default location and Start menu location

  2. Ensure Presage is running (by default it runs automatically and can be seen in the taskbar in the bottom right as "Presage WCF Service"). If Presage is not running then start it manually; on my machine you would run C:\Program Files (x86)\presage\bin\presage_wcf_service_system_tray.exe).

  3. If you are using a standard user account, you must run Optikey as an administrator for presage to work. You may do this by right clicking the shortcut and then clicking 'Run As Administrator'. Alternatively to save the setting, right click the shortcut, click the button "Advanced Properties", and then check 'Run As Administrator'.

  4. Start Optikey and open the Management Studio. Select the Words tab and then change the 'Suggestion Mode' to 'Presage'.

  5. If you are using the latest version of Optikey (v2.16.0 or later) then you now need to select the desired Presage database .db file. If you are using an older version of Optikey skip this step. These are language specific files that Presage uses to generate suggestions. On my machine they are located at C:\Program Files (x86)\presage\share\presage. Select the .db file in the Optikey Management Console by setting the "Location of Presage database .db file" (e.g. the default English database is the database_en.db file):

Selecting the Presage database file

Presage databases (changing the language or selecting an alternate database file):

Presage supports a few languages by default. The language files are in the presage\share\presage directory (on my machine this is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\presage\share\presage). Currently available language databases are en, es and it. There is also an extended English database available for download HERE.

If you want to use Presage with a new language, or a different language database (such as the extended English dictionary) then you either need to locate a database.db file for your specific language (check the ACAT project on GitHub for other languages), or you can train the database yourself. Instructions are here: under the section "How can I configure presage to predict in a specific natural language?" Once you have the database (.db) file then you can select it from the Optikey Management Console by setting the "Location of Presage database .db file":

Selecting the Presage database file

You can find out more about Presage here

N.B. Presage 0.9.1 is also supported.

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