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Shut down

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Closing/shutting down/quitting Optikey can be performed by selecting the QUIT key from the menu, or manually using your mouse or keyboard:

From the menu

  1. Select the 'Menu' key:

    Menu key

  2. Select the 'Quit' key from the menu:

    Menu keyboard with numbers

Using a physical keyboard

  1. Make sure Optikey has focus (this can be achieved by using your mouse to click on it, or toggle through the open applications until Optikey is focused using ALT+TAB).

  2. Press ALT+F4 to exit. This is a standard Windows shortcut to close the currently focused application.

Using a physical mouse

  1. Right click on Optikey's icon in the taskbar and then left click on 'Close Window':

Closing Optikey using the mouse

  1. Alternatively right click on Optikey itself and you'll see a context menu which will allow you to quit.
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