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Simulate a mouse

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Optikey is able to simulate mouse input, meaning you can click, drag and scroll as if using a physical mouse. To open the mouse keyboard either select the 'Mouse' key which appears on most keyboards, or select the 'Mouse' key from the menu keyboard:

  1. Select the 'Menu' key:

    Menu key

  2. Select the 'Mouse' key:

    Menu keyboard with numbers

The mouse keyboard looks like this:

Mouse keyboard

The mouse keyboard appears in two forms; either collapsed as a single bar containing the most common mouse actions (left click, left double click, scroll down, scroll up, etc), or expanded showing all possible mouse actions. The expanded view is split into two categories:

"Do at current location..."

These mouse actions occur at the current location of the mouse cursor, so you will not select the point at which to perform the action. There are special actions in this section to press and hold down the left, middle, and right mouse buttons, and then release them again later. This allows you to perform certain drag actions manually, e.g. move the cursor to a specific point, press and hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse down manually, and then release the left mouse button again.

"Do at point..."

These mouse actions (including left, middle and right click, or scrolling) are performed by:

  1. Selecting the desired mouse action key (e.g. left click).

  2. A large mouse cursor will be displayed to show where Optikey is pointing. Direct your attention to the point where you wish to perform the mouse action and hold it there. A progress indicator will indicate that you are performing a selection. When the progress indicator completes your mouse action (a click, or scroll) will be performed at that point.

When scrolling the number of wheel clicks to apply is indicated on the key labelled "Scroll by x clicks". Select this key to change the amount.

Using the magnifier

To increase your precision when making mouse selections you can switch on magnification by pressing, or locking down the Magnifier key. You'll notice that the Magnification key cycles through 3 states; UP, DOWN, and LOCKED DOWN, before returning to UP, meaning the magnify functionality can be off, on for just the next mouse action, or permanently on. The progression as you select the key looks like this:

Magnifier key upMagnifier key locked downMagnifier key locked downMagnifier key up etc

Selecting a point becomes a two step process when using the magnifier:

  1. Direct your attention to roughly where you wish to click/scroll, at which point a magnified image of that area will be displayed.

  2. Direct your attention to exactly where you wish to click/scroll in the magnified image to perform the action at that point (or select outside the magnified area to cancel the action).

Performing a mouse action while using the Magnifier


Performing a Drag operation is slightly different as two selections have to be made after you select the drag key:

  1. Select point one (this will be a two step process if the Magnifier key is pressed or locked down). This first selection will be where the mouse button is pressed and held down.

  2. Select point two (again, a two step process if using the magnify feature) - this will be the point to which the mouse cursor is dragged and released.

Repeat last

The 'Repeat Last' key allows you to repeat the last mouse action taken, which can be useful if you want to scroll down a long web page one scroll at a time, for example.

Alternate applications

Here are some alternative mouse control/simulation applications, which you may like to try in combination with Optikey:

  1. Precision Gaze Mouse
  2. Gaze Point - this should work with any of the Tobii eye trackers which are supported by Optikey (list of supported eye trackers here)
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