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Support for CommuniKate boards

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A large number of AAC users are pre-literate. Optikey has supported symbol-based boards for those users since version 2.8.0.

The pageset Opikey uses is CommuniKate, a socially focused page set designed for people who rely heavily on the environment or context in order to communicate effectively, but who understand concepts and language used in conversation and during everyday activities. CommuniKate was the first Creative Commons Licensed set of pages and it’s supporting documents and guides are available at the CommuniKate project homepage.

You can switch between Optikey's full keyboards and CommuniKate's keyboards, or just start and stay within CommuniKate boards.

CommuniKate keyboard top page

To use CommuniKate boards in Optikey:

1.Turn on 'Enable CommuniKate Keyboard Layout' setting on the Words tab of the Management Console:

Enabling CommuniKate keyboard

2.You should then see a new CommuniKate key next to the 'Speak' key next to the Scratchpad:

CommuniKate key

Optionally, if you only want to use CommuniKate (i.e. start directly on the CommuniKate boards), you can turn on the 'Replace Alpha Keyboard with CommuniKate' setting (pre version 2.11.0), or by setting the "Keyboard style for typing" to "Use CommuniKate keyboard layout" (version 2.11.0 onwards), both on the Words tab of the Management Console.

Translate CommuniKate boards into another language:

Yes, you can customise CK pagesets. There are 3 ways that I know of:

a)This video suggests there is software to create and edit boards directly:

b)If you download the obz file from here:

That is just a zip file, so rename it to .zip, unzip it, and edit the .obf files using a text editor. Once you've made your translations zip it all up again and change the file extensions back to .obz.

c)Follow these instructions:

Even if you don't use method c, please consider sharing your translated obz file with the EqualityTime team so they can make it available for others to use.

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