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Type your first word

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Run Optikey for the first time and it will be displayed with a dark theme, position itself at the top of your screen (docked), and ensure that any other running applications are positioned in the remaining free space. By default it uses your mouse cursor position for input and selecting a key is performed by hovering over a key for about 1.5 seconds.

Alpha keyboard typing welcome sentence

Try it out - move your mouse cursor over Optikey and notice how the current key under your cursor is highlighted with a red outline. Keep the mouse cursor over a single key and you'll see an indication of your selection progress on the current key. This is a method of selection called "fixation" or "dwell" and requires you to keep your attention (the cursor) on each key for an amount of time in order to select the key.

Complete a selection over a letter and it will be pressed and appear in the "scratchpad" at the top. You will also notice that some auto complete suggestions will appear above the scratchpad. Keep selecting letters to type a whole word, or select one of the auto complete suggestions to complete your word.

If you make a mistake you can use the backspace key to delete your last selection:

BackOne key

or the BackMany key to delete the last whole word:

BackMany key

That's all there is to start selecting keys and typing words!

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