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A web app to store and download files
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What does our app do?

For our first group project at WDI, we were tasked to recreate Dropbox. In three days.

Our application allows users to store any type of file on our server remotely, modify how its recorded, delete it and allow other users to see and access it. We used free web hosting to build the application, so there are some restrictions on the file size.


-Frontend client: -Frontend repo: -Backend server: -Backend repo:

List of technologies used

-Frontend: Javascript, JQuery, Handlebars, HTML, CSS -Backend: Javascript, Express, Mongo, Heroku -Operations: GitHub, Trello

The Process

As a team, we began by identifying what the minimal viable product criteria would be for a remote storage application. Once that was completed, we developed user stories, identified entity relationships and drew the first wireframe sketches. We wanted to make sure that we had a solid plan because we only had three days to design the web application.

After we created a plan, we decided to code the fundamental resources first and then split the remaining tasks in half, in order to get practice coding in pairs. We set about building the "Bag of Holding" from the backend to the frontend. After we had a MVP on Friday, we divided up some of the finishing touches that we could work on over the weekend in order to shine up the project.


V1: V2: V3:

User stories


As a registered user... -I want to upload a file so I sign in and upload a file with a tag -I want to update a file’s title or tags so I sign in and update a file -I want to delete a file so I sign in and delete a file -I want to see all my files so I sign in and view all my uploads -I can view the folder structure of my files -I can view associated metadata with the file, such as date uploaded and modified, owner, and tags

Stretch goal:

-As a registered user, I want to give permission to another user to update a file so I give permission to another registered user


As a non-registered user... -I would like to sign up with email and password -I should receive an error if I sign-up with an already used email then -I should receive a success message when I sign up with an new email -I would like to sign in with email and password -I should receive an error if I try to sign in with an incorrect password -I should receive a success message when I sign in with a correct password

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Routes Catalog

Resource -POST: /uploads uploads#create (client -> API -> Amazon S3 -> API -> client) -GET: /uploads/ uploads#index (client -> API -> client) -PATCH: /uploads/:id uploads#update (client -> API -> client) -DELETE: /uploads/:id uploads#destroy (client -> API -> Amazon S3 -> API -> client)

Future development opportunities

-Search functionality -Folder structure -Design

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