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Qval supports configuration via config files and environmental variables. If DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE or SETTINGS_MODULE are defined, the specified config module will be used. Otherwise, all lookups would be done in :obj:`os.environ`.

Supported variables:


Qval uses a global :obj:`log <qval.utils.log>` object acting as singleton when reporting errors. By default, :func:`logging.getLogger` function is used as a factory on each call. You can provide your own factory (see Settings) or disable the logging. Example error message:

An error occurred during the validation or inside of the context: exc `<class 'OverflowError'>` ((34, 'Numerical result out of range')).
| Parameters: <QueryDict: {'a': ['2.2324'], 'b': ['30000000']}>
| Body      : b''
| Exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<path>/qval/", line 338, in inner
    return f(*args, params, **kwargs)
  File "<path>/examples/django-example/app/", line 46, in pow_view
    return JsonResponse({"answer": params.a ** params.b})
OverflowError: (34, 'Numerical result out of range')
Internal Server Error: /api/pow
[19/Nov/2018 07:03:15] "GET /api/pow?a=2.2324&b=30000000 HTTP/1.1" 500 102

Import the :obj:`log <qval.utils.log>` object from :mod:`qval.utils` and configure as you need:

from qval import log
# For instance, disable logging:
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