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This applies only to vREST Desktop (Enterprise Edition)

(This is a sample test data repository for performing Data Driven Testing using csv files and vREST.)

Data Driven Testing (using vREST Desktop)

vREST provides you the ability to perform one of the most productive approach in the world of testing. Data Driven Testing is an approach, which can save you a lot of time, effort, and other resources.

We have created this sample test data using which you can easily get started with Data Driven Testing, just by importing this as a Project in your vREST Desktop Workspace.

Let us see how you can do that,

Step 1 - Download & Install vREST Desktop

  • First of all, you need to have vREST Application installed on your Desktop.
  • Download it from HERE (for your OS).

Step 2 - Clone this repository & Open this as a Project in vREST

  • You can clone this repository and keep it anywhere you want in your system.
  • Once you have done that, you just have to open this repository in your vREST Workspace.

  • Now, you can explore this Project on your own.

Step 3 - Integrate Sample Data File (.csv) in vREST Desktop

  • Open/Edit Sample Test Data if needed.

  • Integrate with vREST Desktop for Live Editing.

  • Now you can make changes and simply save the csv. The changes will get automatically reflected in vREST.

Step 4 - Run Test Cases

  • Now you can the test cases.

Benefits of Data Driven Testing

There are many unbelievable benefits from this simple, but effective, approach.

Let's see some of these benefits (some of these are confined to vREST Desktop):

  • Creates Separation of Concerns: It has always been a problem for people like, Automation Engineers who don't want to handle a lot of Test Data or, Manual Testers who don't have the technical knowledge to write the automation logic by themselves.

    Data Driven Testing solves this problem, because once you have separated the Test Data from the Automation Logic, then there will be two ways to see your testing framework:

    • Automation Logic: In vREST, your automation logic can be written in the form of test cases and for data inputs, you can leave variables, which will be used later.

    • Test Data: Once, you have made the test cases, you can bind an excel sheet document with it where you can store test data. You can apply multiple test scenarios here without even touching the automation logic.

This way you can separate the work of writing Test Data and Automation Logic, eventually saving a lot of time and effort.

  • Does not require technical knowledge: Writing test cases has always been really easy in vREST, but when there is minimal need to alter the test logic and just make changes in an Excel Sheet, this can be easily done by anyone who does not have a technical background.

  • Real-Time Editing with Live Excel Sheet Integration (only in vREST): vREST provides you ability to bind a data document (Excel Sheet, .numbers, .csv files) with a test case. Then, you can simply manage data in that data document, and the changes will be reflected in Real-Time in vREST.

  • Highly Maintainable Test Cases: Maintainability of your test cases is enhanced at a great level, because of the following two factors,

    • Minimization of Test Cases: You will have a very limited number of relevant test cases left, because now you don't have to create an individual test case for each type of test data input.
    • Easy to make Changes: Making changes in data becomes very easy because you just need to make changes in a data document (Excel Sheet, .numbers, .csv files), and you are not concerned with the test logic at all.

If you want to learn more about Data Driven Testing, then follow this link.

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