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🏮 The perfect Neovim configuration for productive people who wants to level up their Vim experience with a clean, minimal-looking aesthetic, as well as a highly extensible, easily customizable set of popular tools and shortcuts to boost productivity. 🏮
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Optixal's Neovim init.vim

Normal usage.

Normal Usage Example

Minimal, focussed sessions with Goyo.

Goyo Minimal Example

Multi-windowed editing with NerdTree and TagBar sidebars.

Multi-Window Example

Installing and Updating


Automated Installation

Run ./

Manual Installation

#!/bin/bash -e

# Make config directory for Neovim's init.vim
mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim

# Install nvim (and its dependencies: pip3, git), Python 3 and ctags (for tagbar)
sudo apt update
sudo apt install neovim python3 python3-pip git curl exuberant-ctags -y

# Install virtualenv to containerize dependencies
python3 -m pip install virtualenv
python3 -m virtualenv -p python3 ~/.config/nvim/env

# Install pip modules for Neovim within the virtual environment created
source ~/.config/nvim/env/bin/activate
pip install neovim==0.2.6 jedi psutil setproctitle yapf

# Install vim-plug plugin manager
curl -fLo ~/.local/share/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs

# (Optional but recommended) Install a nerd font for icons and a beautiful airline bar ( (I'll be using Iosevka for Powerline)
curl -fLo ~/.fonts/Iosevka\ Term\ Nerd\ Font\ Complete.ttf --create-dirs

# (Optional) Alias vim -> nvim
echo "alias vim='nvim'" >> ~/.bashrc

# Enter Neovim and install plugins using a temporary init.vim, which avoids warnings about missing colorschemes, functions, etc
sed '/call plug#end/q' init.vim > ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
nvim -c ':PlugInstall' -c ':UpdateRemotePlugins' -c ':qall'
rm ~/.config/nvim/init.vim

# Copy init.vim in current working directory to nvim's config location ...
cp init.vim ~/.config/nvim/


Update plugins (super simple)


(Optional) Clean plugins - Deletes unused plugins


(Optional) Check, download and install the latest vim-plug


(Optional) Pull my updates if you want my new modifications

git pull
cp init.vim ~/.config/nvim/


For Non-GUI Users

  • Colorschemes may not be rendered
  • Changing fonts may be harder (, if you do not intend to do customize your font, you should uncomment the devicons plugin within "init.vim" (" Plug 'ryanoasis/vim-devicons')

Mapped Commands in Normal Mode

Most custom commands expand off my map leader, keeping nvim as vanilla as possible.

  • , - Map leader, nearly all my custom mappings starts with pressing the comma key
  • ,q - Sidebar filetree viewer (NERDTree)
  • ,w - Sidebar classes, functions, variables list (TagBar)
  • \ - Toggle both NERDTree and TagBar
  • ,ee - Change colorscheme (with fzf fuzzy finder)
  • ,ea - Change Airline theme
  • ,e1 - Color mode: Dracula (Dark)
  • ,e2 - Color mode: Seoul256 (Between Dark & Light)
  • ,e3 - Color mode: Forgotten (Light)
  • ,e4 - Color mode: Zazen (Black & White)
  • ,r - Refresh/source ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
  • ,t - Trim all trailing whitespaces
  • ,a - Auto align variables (vim-easy-align), eg. do ,a= while your cursor is on a bunch of variables to align their equal signs
  • ,s - New terminal in horizontal split
  • ,vs - New terminal in vertical split
  • ,d - Automatically generate Python docstrings while cursor is hovering above a function or class
  • ,f - Fuzzy find a file (fzf)
  • ,g - Toggle Goyo mode (Goyo), super clean and minimalistic viewing mode
  • ,h - Toggle rainbow parentheses highlighting
  • ,j - Set filetype to "journal" which makes the syntax highlighting beautiful when working on regular text files and markdown
  • ,k - Toggle coloring of hex colors
  • ,l - Toggle Limelight mode (Limelight), highlight the lines near cursor only
  • ,c<Space> - Toggle comment for current line (Nerd Commenter)
  • <Alt-r> - Toggle RGB color picker
  • <Tab> - Next buffer
  • <Shift-Tab> - Previous buffer

More commmands at

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