ChaoSlingr: Introducing Security into Chaos Testing
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ChaoSlingr: Introducing Security into Chaos Testing

ChaoSlingr is a Security Chaos Engineering Tool focused primarily on the experimentation on AWS Infrastructure to bring system security weaknesses to the forefront.

Security is chaotic and the industry has traditionally put emphasis on the importance of preventative security control measures and defense-in-depth where-as our mission is to drive new knowledge and perspective into the attack surface by delivering proactively through detective experimentation.

With so much focus on the preventative mechanisms we never attempt beyond one-time or annual pen testing requirements to actually validate whether or not those controls actually are performing as designed.

Our mission is to address security weaknesses proactively, going beyond the reactive processes that currently dominate traditional security models.

ChaoSlingr Diagram

Contributing to the Project

The ChaoSlingr team is open to contributions to our project. For more details, see our Contribution Guide and join the discussion on Slack.

Original Contributors

  • Aaron Rinehart (@AARonSTeneo)
  • Grayson Brewer (@egb2016)
  • Josh Gorton (@Jgorton612928)
  • Amy L Schoen (@amyschoen)
  • Mehul Shah (@mehul0sejal)
  • Shawn Ertel (@SHA34)
  • Samuel W Roden (@sbroden)
  • Joseph P Niquette (@Joeyn414)
  • Stephen M Klugherz (@Smklugherz)
  • Alex R Nielsen (@anielse2)
  • Arun K Singh (@Oarusoft)
  • Rajitha Ramasayam (@rajitha-ramasayam)
  • David W Cloninger (@dcloninger)
  • Mike Zhou (@MichaelLiZhou)
  • Dan Brock (@dbrock14)

Special Thanks

  • John Garner
  • Sean O'Neil
  • Patrick E Bergstrom (@IAmPatrickB)
  • Scott Maciej (@sgm44)
  • Magnus J Hedemark (@magnus919)
  • Kevin Nelson (@pkn4645)
  • Sridhar R
  • Michael R Baker
  • Randy Olinger
  • David S Hanauer
  • Ryan Wencl
  • Bryce Ashey
  • RJ Seibert (@alephnot0)
  • Angela Mulcahy
  • Joseph C Kollasch
  • Andrew R Brennan
  • Kyle J Erickson
  • Daniel Henry
  • Brandon Jeup
  • Robert J Dufek
  • Heather Mickman
  • Barbara J Doenges
  • Hugh Smith
  • Tomo Lennox
  • Norman O'Neal
  • Henry B Kono
  • Zachary S Brown (@ZacharySBrown)
  • Nicholas S Kerling
  • Jeff Sivori
  • Marcus Maday
  • Joel E Carlson (@joelelmercarlson)
  • Shelby R Erickson