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Temperature sensor reference for OPL1000-A2 chip
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Function / Feature

  • This reference realizes temperature measurement and uploading to cloud periodically function.
  • Ali could MQTT protocol is supported.
  • Single chip solution, application runs on OPL1000 M3 MCU.
  • Adopt BLE configure WIFI AP to connect Internet / cloud.
  • Smart sleep and auto-connection are support.
  • Easy to configure work parameter by ParamCfg.exe tool.
  • Automatically complete project compile and download operation.

Demo video

Work Frame


Directory and Content

prj_src folder

  • Contains reference design source code, include library, implementation c code and project files.

Doc folder

  • Contains application guide document.

Develop application based on reference

User can develop sensor type application based on provided reference design. Generally it includes 4 steps.

  1. Register and create product/device on Ali cloud, define its property and get "5 elements set" parameters for application development.
  2. Modify / extend functions based on existing reference design.
  3. Create Ali cloud function APP .
  4. Verify message transferring between IOT device, cloud and mobile APP, and validate functions / features.
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