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Unified logging component.
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This module provides simple common logging. For further details of how to use this module, please have a look at the wiki.

Minimum setup

First got to your local code directory and run:

npm install ocbesbn-logger

After that you can directly use the logger component.

const Logger = require('ocbesbn-logger');

var logger = new Logger({});'Hello, %s', 'world!');

By default you will get info and warning messages on stdout and error and exception messages on stderr.


In order to be able to work with a full instantiated Logger by simultaneously not logging anything (suppressing any output), you may want to use the DummyLogger provided by this module.

const Logger = require('ocbesbn-logger');

var logger = Logger.DummyLogger;'Hello, %s', 'world!'); // Outputs nothing.

Default configuration

The default configuration object provides hints about what the module's standard behavior is like and which configuration options are available. For further details about the API, please have a look at the wiki.

    defaultLogLevel : Logger.LogLevel.Info,
    minLogLevel : Logger.LogLevel.Info,
    outputStreams : {
        [Logger.LogLevel.Debug] : process.stdout,
        [Logger.LogLevel.Info] : process.stdout,
        [Logger.LogLevel.Warning] : process.stdout,
        [Logger.LogLevel.Error] : process.stderr,
        [Logger.LogLevel.Exception] : process.stderr
    context : {
        serviceName : Logger.serviceName,
        serviceInstanceId : 0,
        correlationId : null,
        userId : null,
        requestUri : null
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