AWS Lambda CloudFormation NodeJS Starter
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AWS Lambda CloudFormation NodeJS Starter

  • uses the official AWS CLI and CloudFormation to manage AWS resources
  • no other dependencies are required
  • very basic bash scripts, easy to learn and change
  • source code of Lambda functions published on S3


You need an AWS account and the AWS CLI configured:


git clone lambda-starter
cd lambda-starter

Modify the code in FooFunction/index.js or create new functions.

Deploying the project

npm run create-stack

Updating the project

npm run update-stack

Deleting the project

npm run delete-stack

Adding New Functions

To add a new function you need to create a new folder where the function will be located and add references to the new function wherever you find a TODO comment in the shell scripts. Additionally, you need to create a which will build your function and output its version. Also the function resource and its role need to be added to the cloudformation.yaml.

More Info

Please read this blog post of mine providing more details about this project: Introducing a Simple AWS Lambda Starter Kit for NodeJS Using CloudFormation.