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What is Logger?

Logger is a PL/SQL logging and debugging framework. The goal of logger is to be as simple as possible to install and use. The primary use cases for this utility include:

  • Debugging: It's often difficult to track down the source of an error without some form of debugging instrumentation. This is particularly true in multi-tier, stateless architectures such as Application Express.
  • Error Logging: While most experts agree that it's important not to mask errors, it's also nice to have a persistent record of them.
  • Timing: Logger has a very simple timing framework built-in that makes it easy to benchmark sections of code.
  • Instrumentation: Because it's easy to "turn-off" logger globally with virtually no performance impact, it's easy to get in the habit of leaving debug calls in production code. Now, when something does go wrong, you simply flip the switch and logger is enabled making it much quicker to debug errors.


Please submit any feedback, suggestions, or issues on the project's issue page.


exec logger.log('hello world');

select * from logger_logs;
-- This will display all the logged logs

See the [Logger API](docs/Logger documentation for complete set of procedures.


In order to keep this page relatively small and for ease of use, the documentation has been moved to the Logger Docs. In there you you will find the following sections:


It is recommended that you download a certified release (from the releases folder). The files in the current repository are for the next release and should be considered unstable.

Change Log

The [Change Logs](docs/Change contain all the major updates for each release. Complete set of issues can be found on Milestones page.


Logger was originally created by Tyler Muth and is now maintained by OraOpenSource.


This project is uses the MIT license.


Logger is used by Oracle developers to instrument their PL/SQL code




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