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Oracle Application Express (APEX) Plugin for form items with long text content (over 32k)
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APEX Plugin CLOB Load

Plugin for displaying and saving CLOB content in a form.

Event based architecture that writes the contents of a CLOB to a collection that can then be used to write to any custom location needed.

This is a modification of the previously released Enkitec CLOB Load Plugin enabled for use with APEX 5.X.X

Short Description

When using a Text Area or Rich Text Editor, you can save larger amounts of data to a CLOB table column by adding the following events:

  • Before Page Submit: Takes the contents of the CLOB and writes it to a collection. Feature parameters in the plugin make this simple

  • Page Process: Moves the content to the edited record

  • Page Load Dynamic Action: When viewing a record, pulls the full content of the CLOB from the table and assigns it to a page item

The included application is a working basic example of plugin.



  • Plugin Only


  • Basic example of CLOB plugin used in a sample application

Unit Test Application

This is a basic implementation app that tests the different reagions and features.

Sample Screen


APEX 5.0.0 +

Version Notes

Short description of changes

2017.08.04 (release)

Improvements to Unit test app
Rich Text - race condition patch

2017.06.21 (being tested)

New version structure
Bug fix for Rich Text Area
Implemented source changes into plugin and app export
Unit Test App - modified to use collections


Initial port from original source

Historical Credits

  • Dan McGhan
  • Tyson Jouglet
  • Enkitec Plugin Repository
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