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Solaris X consolidation project
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This repo is no longer maintained

The software from the X consolidation in Solaris has been moved to the Userland consolidation, under components/x11, so you can now find it at

Getting started with the X Consolidation

Getting Started

This README provides a very brief overview of the gate (i.e., source code repository), how to retrieve a copy, and how to build it.


The X consolidation maintains a project at

That repo contains Makefile, patches, IPS (i.e., pkg(7)) manifests, and other files necessary to build, package and publish the Xorg bits on Solaris.

Getting the Bits

The canonical repository internal to Oracle is stored in Mercurial, and is mirrored to an external Git repository on GitHub. In order to build or develop in the gate, you will need to clone it. You can do so with the following command.

$ git clone your-clone

Building the software

Please review BUILD_INSTRUCTIONS for details on how to build and generate IPS packages.


Copyright (c) 2017, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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