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Feb 12, 2021


add g++ as dependency to build the outloud or espeak speech servers (…
…seen with emacspeak 53.0 on Debian 11)
Jan 13, 2021
fix list of dependencies (Debian)
When emacs must be built from sources, install if applicable the emacs
package provided by the distribution to hopefully fullfill its
This fix replaces the previous implementation which gathered
dependencies supplied by apt-cache without filtering conflicting
Mar 30, 2019
Arch Linux: add explicitly the required base-devel packages
Dec 22, 2018
Add dependency to build the outloud speech server.
Dec 18, 2018
(Continued) Build emacs on Debian 9/Ubuntu 18.4 server, in text mode …
…(no GUI).

Update the list of emacspeak dependencies.
Display all output (user interaction can be needed during package installation).
Dec 1, 2018
Fixes: install the libncurses-dev and git dependencies
Nov 29, 2018
Fixes: does not create a log file as root user, display the question …
…asked by apt-get (previously hidden in log file)
Nov 26, 2018
Compatibility emacspeak 49.0 (tested on Ubuntu 18.04); can download a…
…nd build emacspeak or emacs from git (HEAD)
Nov 9, 2018
Compatibility emacspeak 48.0 (tested on Ubuntu 18.04)
Feb 4, 2018
Backport linux-outloud/atcleci.cpp from upstream git cef3db579d8c839c…

- Fix Alsa issues
- Fix sporadic crashes with libvoxin < 1.1.9