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French and english documentation about the project and the box

Français English
BaahBoxPix BaahBoxPix


About the Android project

List of files

  • LICENSE.txt: The whole GPL 3 license
  • This file
  • THIRD_PARTY.txt: Contains the list of librair-ies in use
  • Contains some details about games implementations or configuration
  • Contains advices and workflows to contribute to the project in a clean way
  • Contains the list of authors who worked on thiss project (Android part)
  • Changelog automatically updated

List of directories

  • tools: Here you can find a bunch of Shell script which automate tasks (change version code, generate documentation, run tests, check assets...)
  • project: The Android Studio project
  • licenses: The licenses files for the third party tools in use
  • libs: Other libs used locally
  • doc: Will contain more details

About the scripts

This script prepares the release by triggering several tasks:

  • checks the app configuration (properties files)
  • checks the credits in the assets' metadata
  • runs the unit tests and screams if some of them didn't pass
  • runs functional/automated tests and screems also if some of them didn't pass
  • updates the version code
  • updates the documentation (HTML format)
  • updates the changelog

In fact it just calls the following scripts.

Triggers the Gradle plugin stored in libs/ which will check properties file using rules. You can have a look on it's repo:

Triggers the Gradle plugin stored in libs/ which will w-check in images' metadata if the legal mentions are defined. You can have a look on it's repo:

Runs the instrumented/functional tests and check the results. Says if the results match a score confidence or not.

Runs the unit tests and check the results. Says if the results match a score confidence or not.

Triggers the project's Gradle tasks which will check the Git history to update the changelog.

Updates the documentation ussing Dokka and produce HTML content.

Update the version code which mus tbe at a specific line defined in the script.

Tools in use

So as to generated HTML doc, Dokka tool and KDoc format are used:

Properties management

So as to export configuration from source code, properties files are stored in assets. Such files allow to define configuration for the app or the games. One file defines the configuration to apply ("") and the other defines the rules this file must follow (""). A Gradle task named "propertieschecker" will process these files to verify if the configuration is well defined.

Copyright management

Because the project embeds assets designed by Orange designers, the Gradle plugin with the task "copyrightchecker" will look in metadata for legal mentions.

Changelog management

The changelog can be updated thanks to a Gradle plugin with a task "changelog". It will parse the Git history so as to update the file. However tyou should read that and correct it if needed ; the plugin is not yet perfect.

Icons and ribbons

A task "easylauncher" will update the app icons with ribbons. 3 ribbons have been defined reagrding the mode to use.


Here are some steps to reach:

  • fix display bugs on large screens
  • implement spaceship game
  • implement toad game
  • deal with joystick
  • improve move of avatars
  • improve sensor frames processing
  • deal with iOS app and box evolutions (more up to date)

Please refer to issues:


Android app to pair with a training box ("BaahBox" model) providing games to help children & adults who need training or re-education for their injured or missing limbs.




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