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iOS app to pair with a training box ("BaahBox" model) providing games to help children & adults who need training or re-education for their injured or missing limbs.
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Read me

The aim of the project

The Baah Box project has been created so as to provide to inpatent children and adults a fun solution to use so as to train their muscles or arms.
Indeed some people can have a missing arm, and are equiped by a prothesis. They need training to discover and train the muscles needed to control the prothesis.
Also people can be injuried and have to train again their muscles, arms or hands so as to recover their capabilities.

The products

The common training tools are not fun, there are no games. We provide with Baah Box a solution with:

  • an iOS app
  • an Android app
  • a box with Arduino ships and a 3D printable shield
  • lovely assets

Sensors and joystick have to be plugged to the box communicating with the apps using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Pictures of the project

Some mockups of the iOS app

The main The space game

The Baah box

The Baah Box with 3D-printable shield connected in BLE to apps

Pictures of the set up

Sensors on arm to train plugged to the box connected in BLE to iOS app Set up with plates and joystick plugged to the box connected to the iPad

More links

Here are four links pointing to all sides of the project.

About stores

Keep an eye here, we'll deliver the apps on stores soon ;-)

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