FIWARE Cepheus - CEP for NGSI IoT gateways
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FIWARE Cepheus

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This is the code repository for the Fiware-Cepheus project.

This project was part of FIWARE under the IoT Data Edge Consolidation GE project.


The current project is in maintenance mode: This means that no new features will be added, nor issues fixed by the original team.

Feel free however to fork the project and contribute issues and pull requests if you feel the community can benefit of your work. We will gladely review changes and merge any viable contributions.

Overall description

Fiware-Cepheus provides NGSI-compatible gateway level components. This project contains two Spring Boot applications:

  • cepheus-cep: A CEP (Complex Event Processor) engine.
  • cepheus-broker: A light broker (NGSI forwarding-only).

NGSI v1 implementation is provided by the Orange-OpenSource/fiware-ngsi-api library.


The previous name of the project was "EspR4FastData". It was renamed to a more generic name (using the convention of other FIWARE Generic Enablers).

Quick instructions

You can find the complete build and installation instructions for each components in the administrator guide here.


  • JAVA 8
  • Maven 2 (for build)
  • OS/CPU supported by Sqlite-JDBC (for cepheus-broker)

Build via Maven

git clone
cd fiware-cepheus
mvn clean install

Installing from Docker

Using Docker is the fastest way to have a working setup :

docker pull orangeopensource/fiware-cepheus

Our docker manual can be found here

Installing from Debian packaging

Using mvn install will create two debian packages: cepheus-cep-{version}.deb and cepeheus-lb-{version}.deb. Then you can install these packages lauching :

dpkg -i cepheus-cep-{version}.deb
dpkg -i cepheus-broker-{version}.deb


The project provides two SpringBoot applications. You can run them simply with:

java -jar cepheus-cep.jar
java -jar cepheus-broker.jar


The user & programming guide can be found under the /doc folder. It is also available though User guide

The administrator manual can be found under the /doc/admin folder. It is also available though Administrator manual


Some simple examples to learn how to use Cepheus-CEP and Cepheus-Broker can be found under the doc/examples folder.

LinkSprite-NGSI Sample

An example to use a Raspberry Pi with LinkSprite sensors and actuators communicating with Cepheus can be found here


FIWARE Cepheus is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.


Use the issue tracker of this project for any issues or questions related to the project.