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General tips

Verify connectivity with Rtpy self call

Call an instantiated Rtby object to verify connectivity (binding to the system health ping method)

import rtpy

# instantiate a Rtpy object
settings = {}
settings["af_url"] = "http://..."
settings["api_key"] = "123QWA..."
# settings["username"] = "my_username"
# settings["password"] = "my_password"

af = rtpy.Rtpy(settings)
r = af()
# or r = af.system_and_configuration.system_health_ping()
# print(r)
# OK

Environment variables as settings

Use environement variables for the api_key and af_url in the settings dictionary

settings = {}
settings["af_url"] = os.environ["ARTIFACTORY_URL"] # URL of the AF instance
settings["api_key"] = os.environ["ARTIFACTORY_API_KEY"] # User/Admin API key in the given AF instance

af = rtpy.Rtpy(settings)

Overriding settings

All the settings can be overridden for a single function call (original settings are restored when the call is over) This is useful for debugging (verbose level) or not raising errors (raw_response). It can also be used to provide different credentials

r = af.category.method_xyz(settings={"raw_response" : True, "verbose_level" : 1})

r = af.category.method_xyz(settings={"verbose_level" : 1})

r = af.category.method_xyz(settings={"api_key" : "123ABC..."})

session = requests.Session()
session.verify = "path/to/ca_bundle.crt"
r = af.category.method_xyz(settings={"session" : session})


Use the pprint package to print the json responses in a more readable way

from pprint import pprint
r = af.category.method_xyz()

Json file to Python dictionary

Convert a json file to a python dictionnary using the json_to_dict method

my_dict = rtpy.json_to_dict(json_file_path)
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