The Linux SDK of OrangePi for Allwinner H2
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The OrangePi-Kernel contains Linux kernel sources adapted for OrangePI zero, gcc toolchain
The script "" can be used to build the kernel

Example1(how to make uImage and uboot.bin):
"cd OrangePI-Kernel"
compile uboot for OPI-zero
"sudo ./ zero"
cleans the kernel tree before build
"sudo ./ clean"   
builds the uImage for OPI-zero
"sudo ./ zero"                              
"cd ../OrangePi-BuildLinux"  
build file system
build zero image                                        
"sudo ./image_from_dir linux-xenial orangepi ext4 zero"    
"sudo dd bs=4M if=orangepi.img of=/dev/sd*"                  
Read and edit "" to adjust the parameters to your needs
if you can not insmod modules,delete directory(/lib/modules) ,then copy /home/orangepi/3.4.39_zero to /lib/modules/, and reboot

Example2(configure desktop)
After BOOTING,to resize linux partition to fill sd card
"sudo fs_resize"
"sudo reboot"
to install desktop run,please wait at least one hours
"sudo install_lxde_desktop"