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hodlminer binaries

Hodlminer binaries for Windows x64. Non AES-NI version is compiled by NiceHash. AVX version is build by Madzebra.

hodlminer-avx2.exe (by Orava)

requires AES-NI and AVX2 support

hodlminer-avx.exe (by Orava)

requires AES-NI and AVX support

hodlminer-sse2.exe (by Orava)

requires AES-NI and SSE2 support (westmere architecture)

hodlminer-core2-non_aes.exe (by NiceHash)

does not require AES-NI support

Hodlminer 2018 v3

  • NEW: Show block number, difficulty and stratum difficulty [2018-08-04 13:37:54] NEW BLOCK 488117, difficulty 0.004085, stratum difficulty 8.00
  • NEW: New affinity parameter. --affinity=1 binds thread0 to cpu0, thread1 to cpu1 etc. --affinity=2 binds thread0 to cpu0, thread1 to cpu2, thread2 to cpu4, thread3 to cpu6 etc. This can be used to bind threads to only physical cores.

Hodlminer 2018 v2

  • NEW: Show colored text. Works in Windows 10.
  • NEW: Show average hash rate in benchmark mode
  • NEW: Show time average hash rate when mining. By default 10 last samples is used.This can be modified by --average=N parameter.
  • NEW: Set CPU affinity by --affinity parameter. Thread0 is bound to CPU0, thread1 to CPU1 etc.
  • NEW: Hodlminer tries to use large/huge page support if support is enabled in Windows. In order to use large page memory allocation there have to 1 GB of continous physical memory. Otherwise you get code 1450. The longer you run Windows the more fragmented memory gets. In best cases I have got 1% increment in hash rate with large page support.
  • FIXED: Now Hodlminer gives more realistic hash rates readings https://github.com/Orava2/hodlminer/issues/1 . New hash rate readings are always lower than in version 2018 v1.
  • FIXED: Old version caused segmentation fault when using thread counts 3, 6, 7, 19, 20, 21, 27, 30, 60, 63.