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Java swagger client for the EveKit SDE frontend
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EveKit SDE auto-generated client

This client is auto-generated by the Swagger codegen maven plugin.

The auto-generated instructions in the installation are appended below but are not quite correct. Please use the following instructions instead.

Using the Library

A regular release of this library is deposited in Maven Central. Releases of the library are versioned by build date of the form YYYYMMDD.

For maven, add this dependency to your project's POM (substitute YYYYMMDD as appropriate):


For gradle, add this dependency to your project's build file (substitute YYYYMMDD as appropriate):

compile "enterprises.orbital.evekit:sde.client:1.0.0.YYYYMMDD"

For everyone else, you'll need to first build the library with Maven as described below, then manually install the following JARs in the appropriate places (substitute YYYYMMDD as appropriate):

  • target/evekit-sde-client-1.0.0.YYYYMMDD.jar
  • target/lib/*.jar

Building the Library

The library should build cleanly out of the box with Maven as follows (we assume Java 1.8):

mvn clean package

The package build phase includes a final assembly script which moves documentation to the correct location and builds this README file.

The library is always built based on the latest online Swagger specification for the EVE Swagger Interface. You can build off of a downloaded specification instead by changing the inputSpec property of the generate goal in the POM file.

Auto-Generated Installation Instructions



Building the API client library requires Maven to be installed.


To install the API client library to your local Maven repository, simply execute:

mvn install

To deploy it to a remote Maven repository instead, configure the settings of the repository and execute:

mvn deploy

Refer to the official documentation for more information.

Maven users

Add this dependency to your project's POM:


Gradle users

Add this dependency to your project's build file:

compile "io.swagger:swagger-java-client:1.0.0"


At first generate the JAR by executing:

mvn package

Then manually install the following JARs:

  • target/swagger-java-client-1.0.0.jar
  • target/lib/*.jar

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following Java code:

import enterprises.orbital.evekit.sde.client.invoker.*;
import enterprises.orbital.evekit.sde.client.invoker.auth.*;
import enterprises.orbital.evekit.sde.client.model.*;
import enterprises.orbital.evekit.sde.client.api.AgentApi;

import java.util.*;

public class AgentApiExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        AgentApi apiInstance = new AgentApi();
        Integer contid = -1; // Integer | Continuation ID for paged results
        Integer maxresults = 1000; // Integer | Maximum number of results to retrieve
        String agentTypeID = "{ any: true }"; // String | Agent type ID selector
        String agentType = "{ any: true }"; // String | Agent type name selector
        try {
            List<AgtAgentType> result = apiInstance.getAgentTypes(contid, maxresults, agentTypeID, agentType);
        } catch (ApiException e) {
            System.err.println("Exception when calling AgentApi#getAgentTypes");

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AgentApi getAgentTypes GET /agt/agentType Get agent types
AgentApi getAgents GET /agt/agent Get agents
AgentApi getResearchAgents GET /agt/researchAgent Get research agents
CertificatesApi getCertificateMasteries GET /crt/mastery Get certificate masteries
CertificatesApi getCertificateSkills GET /crt/skill Get certificate skills
CertificatesApi getCertificates GET /crt/certificate Get certificates
CharacterApi getAncestries GET /chr/ancestry Get ancestries
CharacterApi getAttributes GET /chr/attribute Get attributes
CharacterApi getBloodlines GET /chr/bloodline Get bloodlines
CharacterApi getFactions GET /chr/faction Get factions
CharacterApi getRaces GET /chr/race Get races
CorporationApi getCorpActivities GET /crp/activity Get corporation activities
CorporationApi getNpcCorporationDivisions GET /crp/npc_corp_division Get NPC corporation divisions
CorporationApi getNpcCorporationResearchFields GET /crp/npc_corp_research_field Get NPC corporation research fields
CorporationApi getNpcCorporationTrades GET /crp/npc_corp_trade Get NPC corporation trades
CorporationApi getNpcCorporations GET /crp/npc_corp Get NPC corporations
CorporationApi getNpcDivisions GET /crp/npc_division Get NPC divisions
DogmaApi getAttributeCategories GET /dgm/attribute_category Get attribute categories
DogmaApi getAttributeTypes GET /dgm/attribute_type Get attribute types
DogmaApi getEffects GET /dgm/effect Get effects
DogmaApi getExpressions GET /dgm/expression Get expressions
DogmaApi getTypeAttributes GET /dgm/type_attribute Get type attributes
DogmaApi getTypeEffects GET /dgm/type_effect Get type effects
EVEApi getGraphics GET /eve/graphic Get graphics
EVEApi getIcons GET /eve/icon Get icons
EVEApi getUnits GET /eve/unit Get units
IndustryApi getActivities GET /ind/activity Get industry activities
IndustryApi getActivityMaterials GET /ind/activity_material Get industry activity materials
IndustryApi getActivityProbabilities GET /ind/activity_probability Get industry activity probabilities
IndustryApi getActivityProducts GET /ind/activity_product Get industry activity products
IndustryApi getActivitySkills GET /ind/activity_skill Get industry activity skills
IndustryApi getBlueprintTypes GET /ind/blueprint Get blueprints
InventoryApi getCategories GET /inv/category Get categories
InventoryApi getContrabandTypes GET /inv/contraband_type Get contraband types
InventoryApi getControlTowerResourcePurposes GET /inv/control_tower_resource_purpose Get control tower resource purposes
InventoryApi getControlTowerResources GET /inv/control_tower_resource Get control tower resources
InventoryApi getFlags GET /inv/flag Get flags
InventoryApi getGroups GET /inv/group Get groups
InventoryApi getItems GET /inv/item Get items
InventoryApi getMetaGroups GET /inv/meta_group Get meta groups
InventoryApi getMetaTypes GET /inv/meta_type Get meta types
InventoryApi getNames GET /inv/name Get names
InventoryApi getPositions GET /inv/position Get positions
InventoryApi getTraits GET /inv/trait Get traits
InventoryApi getTypeMaterials GET /inv/type_material Get type materials
InventoryApi getTypeReactions GET /inv/type_reaction Get type reactions
InventoryApi getTypes GET /inv/type Get types
InventoryApi getUniqueNames GET /inv/unique_name Get unique names
InventoryApi getVolumes GET /inv/volume Get type volumes
MapApi getCelestialStatistics GET /map/celestial_statistic Get celestial statistics
MapApi getConstellationJumps GET /map/constellation_jump Get constellation jumps
MapApi getConstellations GET /map/constellation Get constellations
MapApi getDenormalization GET /map/denormalize Get denormalization
MapApi getJumps GET /map/jump Get jumps
MapApi getLocationScenes GET /map/location_scene Get location scenes
MapApi getLocationWormholeClasses GET /map/location_wormhole_class Get location wormhole classes
MapApi getRegionJumps GET /map/region_jump Get region jumps
MapApi getRegions GET /map/region Get regions
MapApi getSolarSystemJumps GET /map/solar_system_jump Get solar system jumps
MapApi getSolarSystems GET /map/solar_system Get solar systems
MapApi getUniverses GET /map/universe Get universes
PlanetApi getSchematicPinMaps GET /plt/schematic_pin_map Get schematic pin maps
PlanetApi getSchematicTypeMaps GET /plt/schematic_type_map Get schematic type maps
PlanetApi getSchematics GET /plt/schematic Get schematics
RAMApi getAssemblyLineStations GET /ram/assembly_line_station Get assembly line stations
RAMApi getAssemblyLineTypeDetailsPerCategory GET /ram/assembly_line_type_detail_per_category Get assembly line type details per category
RAMApi getAssemblyLineTypeDetailsPerGroup GET /ram/assembly_line_type_detail_per_group Get assembly line type details per group
RAMApi getAssemblyLineTypes GET /ram/assembly_line_type Get assembly line types
RAMApi getInstallationTypeContents GET /ram/installation_type_content Get installation type contents
RAMApi getRAMActivities GET /ram/activity Get activities
SkinApi getLicenses GET /skn/license Get licenses
SkinApi getMaterials GET /skn/material Get materials
SkinApi getShips GET /skn/ship Get ships
SkinApi getSkins GET /skn/skin Get skins
StationApi getOperationServices GET /sta/operation_service Get operation services
StationApi getOperations GET /sta/operation Get operations
StationApi getServices GET /sta/service Get services
StationApi getStationTypes GET /sta/station_type Get station types
StationApi getStations GET /sta/station Get stations
TranslationApi getColumns GET /trn/column Get columns
TranslationApi getLanguages GET /trn/language Get languages
TranslationApi getTranslations GET /trn/translation Get translations
WarApi getCombatZoneSystems GET /war/combat_zone_system Get combat zone systems
WarApi getCombatZones GET /war/combat_zone Get combat zones

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization

All endpoints do not require authorization. Authentication schemes defined for the API:


It's recommended to create an instance of ApiClient per thread in a multithreaded environment to avoid any potential issues.


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