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A generic jspm registry for Git Repositories.
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A generic jspm registry for Git Repositories.

jspm-git is based on Guy Bedford's github registry for jspm.


The most recent release of jspm-git is always compatible to the most recent release of jspm. For different jspm releases please have a look on the Jspm Compatibility Wiki to find a compatible jspm-git release.

For all jspm@0.17-beta users, please use the beta version of jspm-git.

npm install jspm-git@beta


Install the registry globally or locally within your project:

# Global installation
npm install -g jspm-git

# OR local installation
npm install jspm-git --save-dev

Create a new jspm-git registry

jspm registry create mygit jspm-git

Where mygit will be the name of your new git registry.

Configure an existing registry

jspm registry config mygit

Where mygit is the name of your existing registry which you want to configure.

Export & Import registry configurations

Please have a look on the Auto-configuring Registries documentation of jspm.


Exemplary usage of jspm-git to install a jspm package from a git server located at ssh://

# Exemplary registry configuration of mygit
# baseurl: ssh://

jspm install mygit:projname/reponame

jspm-git will then try to install the package located at



These combinations of jspm and jspm-git are valid

  • global jspm + global jspm-git
  • local jspm + local jspm-git

These combinations of jspm and jspm-git are invalid

  • global jspm + local jspm-git
  • local jspm + global jspm-git

Registry Configurations

Registry configurations for popular Git hosting services


jspm registry create bitbucket jspm-git
# baseurl:

jspm install bitbucket:accountname/reponame

If you want to avoid rate limits please use the base URL ssh:// instead.

Please note that you've to upload your public key to your Bitbucket account or otherwise Bitbucket will refuse the sshconnection. For more details please see official Bitbucket manual Set up SSH for Git


Please use the official github registry that comes along with the jspm-cli

Configuration File

You can find your jspm-git registry configuration in the following locations

  • Linux Systems ~/.jspm/config file
  • Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%/.jspm/config
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