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Version 2.1.7, which is a pile of little tweaks and additional functi…


Correct a nasty bug with SETEXT header detection when fenced code is …


2.1.5 adds
* MKD_NOSTYLE -- treat `<style>` blocks as regular html.
* some github flavored markdown support; gfm_...() input
  methods that put hardbreaks (== two spaces) at the end
  of every input line
* a whole bunch of tweaks to work around
  the tiny detail that clang is even more anal-compulsive
  than gcc is.
* support for github flavored markdown backtick-delimited
  code blocks (in addition to tilde-delimited codeblocks)
* in the `markdown` program, add
    1. -S flag (tell markdown to spit out style sections)
    2. -n flag (tell markdown not to output generated text)


Fixes for
1. tables with leading |s
2. \<br> being erroneously treated as a block-level html element

Tweaks for mingw, cygwin, and clang brokeness

Changes contributed by Stefano D'Angelo to clean up the toc html


Tweak table processing to not freak out when a table is framed
with leading and/or trailing |'s


Correct a long-standing bug in endash/emdash smartypants conversions.


Correct paragraph blocking to closer match the reference
(text blocks absorb adjacent code lines) and update the
test case error reporter to show the failed input and
the differences between the actual and expected output.


Found a bug in 2.1.1 when writing a weblog post about it!
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