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Text field editors #2946

merged 2 commits into from Dec 31, 2018

Text field editors #2946

merged 2 commits into from Dec 31, 2018


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agriffard commented Dec 26, 2018

Related to #2492

  • Email editor
  • Color editor
  • Tel editor
  • Url editor
Related to #2492

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sebastienros commented Dec 31, 2018

I only see Email


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agriffard commented Dec 31, 2018

Ok, I added the missing text field editors.

@sebastienros sebastienros merged commit 8ae921b into dev Dec 31, 2018
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3 checks passed
continuous-integration/appveyor/pr AppVeyor build succeeded
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
license/cla All CLA requirements met.
@sebastienros sebastienros deleted the textFieldEditors branch Dec 31, 2018
psijkof pushed a commit to psijkof/OrchardCore that referenced this pull request Jan 2, 2019
string currentEditor = Model.Editor;
<option value="Tel" selected="@String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentEditor)">@T["Phone"]</option>

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


This is not right. It should be @(currentEditor == "Tel")

string currentEditor = Model.Editor;
<option value="Url" selected="@String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentEditor)">@T["Url"]</option>

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


This is not right. It should be @(currentEditor == "Url")

string currentEditor = Model.Editor;
<option value="Color" selected="@String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentEditor)">@T["Color"]</option>

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


This is not right. It should be @(currentEditor == "Color")

<fieldset class="form-group">
<label asp-for="Text">@Model.PartFieldDefinition.DisplayName()</label>
<input asp-for="Text" class="form-control content-preview-text" type="tel" />

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


This should also add a pattern="[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}" attribute to the input else this will render as a simple textbox. Right now this input has no validation ; I could add letters to it, though someone could say that this is for supporting phone numbers like "1-800-MY-APPLE"

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sebastienros Jan 9, 2019


Don't add any validation, or more patterns. It's very locale specific, and leaving the browser do that is fine right now. Otherwise just remove the editor.

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


We could give the option of a pattern and if the pattern is null then don't render one. Else this field is a textbox.

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sebastienros Jan 9, 2019


Too complex. At that point better teach them how to write a custom editor. There are way too many options to handle phone numbers.

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Skrypt Jan 9, 2019


Documentation then

agriffard added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2019
Related to #2946
sebastienros added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2019
Related to #2946
gitskab added a commit to gitskab/OrchardCore that referenced this pull request Apr 6, 2019
* Fixing functional tests (OrchardCMS#2867)

* Update AccessController to use the SetInternalAuthorizationId() extension

* Fixing NRE when reading stererotype

* Registering Manage tenants Permissions (OrchardCMS#2871)

* Fixing vulnerability warnings in themes (OrchardCMS#2868)

* Adding back [ShapeType]_[DisplayType] alternate for parts

Fixes OrchardCMS#2880

* Fixing OpenId applications creation (OrchardCMS#2884)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2756

* Remove closing tags from <input> self-closing element (OrchardCMS#2883)

* Fixing Prefix leaks in ContentPartDisplayDriver (OrchardCMS#2887)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2337

* Update bootstrap-slider to 10.4.1

* Fixes vue multiselect z-index (OrchardCMS#2896)

* Fixing title in ContentsMetadata.cshtml

* Fixing NRE when reading stereotype (OrchardCMS#2888)

* Update assets references to use app-relative paths (OrchardCMS#2893)

* Appveyor script maintenance (OrchardCMS#2899)

* Revert html body part's wysiwyg toolbar to be always visible (OrchardCMS#2905)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2634

* Fixing popper.js usage (OrchardCMS#2897)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2878

* Improve the HTTPS module (OrchardCMS#2719)

* Fix text wrap for long filenames in media table view (OrchardCMS#2906)

* Building only merge commits (OrchardCMS#2907)

* Adding artifact property for appveyor to publish

* Using v3 nuget endpoints

* Fixing deployment script

* Use v2 Nuget endpoints

* Placement match providers (OrchardCMS#2864)

* Limiting built branches

* Adding response compression module (OrchardCMS#2911)

Fixes OrchardCMS#446

* ClockExtensions creates dateTimeUtc variable and ignores it (OrchardCMS#2913)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2902

* Fixing workflow edition (OrchardCMS#2914)

* Admin Tree : fine tuning styling (OrchardCMS#2919)

* Design : Admin Menu (OrchardCMS#2819)

* Fixing Workflow items z-index (OrchardCMS#2921)

* Fixing OrchardCMS#2910

* Fix overflow in media modal (OrchardCMS#2927)

* Replace "facebook" by Azure AD (OrchardCMS#2924)

* Fix media deployment (OrchardCMS#2922)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2849

* Google Authentication (OrchardCMS#2920)

* Fixes Razor Pages and Routing issues since 2.2 (OrchardCMS#2940)

* Coming soon: Fix paths (OrchardCMS#2937)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2930

* Fixing Upgrade with table prefix

Fixes OrchardCMS#2929

* Fixing small UI issues (OrchardCMS#2961)

Adding styles to prevent menu item title text to expand if title is too long.
Fixed GraphiQL and Media UI after changing the collapsed admin menu size.
Aligning more properly the collapsible chevron icon vertically.

* Use AspNetCoreModuleV2 in mvc application. (OrchardCMS#2958)

* Fixes url host and prefix in bg tasks (OrchardCMS#2957)

* Fix Coming Soon: Missing Media feature (OrchardCMS#2950)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2878

* OrchardCMS#2928 fixed Azure blob storage basepath issue (OrchardCMS#2948)

* Text field editors (OrchardCMS#2946)

* Added authorization check prior to creating new document. (OrchardCMS#2968)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2951

* Added the gap between "Add User" button and "Search" box in mobile view. (OrchardCMS#2938)

* Fixed importing roles from setup recipes using existing documentation (OrchardCMS#2969)

* Fix permission issue (OrchardCMS#2979)

* Prevent liquid tag helper conflicts. (OrchardCMS#2973)

* Fixes multiple tenant shells initialization. (OrchardCMS#2981)

* Optimize modules loading. (OrchardCMS#2972)

* Renaming Admin Tree to Admin Menu (OrchardCMS#2923)

* Basic health check (OrchardCMS#2976)

* Add documentation on adding html attributes on img_tag liquid filter (OrchardCMS#2989)

* Fixes admin menu animations (OrchardCMS#2992)

* Fix TextField Editors options (OrchardCMS#2994)

Related to OrchardCMS#2946

* Localizations files search paths (OrchardCMS#2986)

* Introduce a role service relying on Identity's RoleManager and update the OpenID module to use it (OrchardCMS#2872)

* Patching Google+ (OrchardCMS#2996)

* Temporarily reintroduce the null propagation operators in ApplicationController to unblock CI builds

* Change Smtp DefaultSender input to text (OrchardCMS#3003)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2983

* Google Analytics (OrchardCMS#2934)

* Remove the testing mode feature and replace it by automatic signing certificate generation (OrchardCMS#2886)

* Fix view names for Admin menu deployment step (OrchardCMS#3021)

* Prevent Notifier from displaying duplicite messages (OrchardCMS#3017)

* Tenants management improvements (OrchardCMS#3009)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3005

* Remove SqlProvider filter from tenants admin (OrchardCMS#3030)

* Removing classes related to content management (OrchardCMS#3040)

* Added mising updatedAsync content handler (OrchardCMS#3045)

* Updating 2.2.1 packages (OrchardCMS#3044)

* Fixing model binding (OrchardCMS#3046)

* Updating Fluid (OrchardCMS#3042)

Performance improvements and bug fixes

* Adding TitlePart migration (OrchardCMS#3047)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2998

* Added DisplayText filter for Admin/Contents/ContentItems (OrchardCMS#3036)

* added Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc PackageReference to Google Module (OrchardCMS#3064)

* Adding graphqk contentItems property to ListPart (OrchardCMS#3057)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2800

* Retain display text filter value (OrchardCMS#3058)

* Fix TitlePart XmlRpc update issue  (OrchardCMS#3051)

* Patching SO when running title migrations

* Fixing index providers stack overflow exceptions

* Fixing liquid parsing exceptions (OrchardCMS#3072)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3062

* Migrating BodyPart

* Fixes OrchardCMS#2879 (OrchardCMS#3077)

* Added unpublish workflow event (OrchardCMS#3079)

* Add Crowdin badge (OrchardCMS#3059)

* Fixing BodyPart migration

* Updating Fluid

* Replace localization culture delimiter (OrchardCMS#3076)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3070

* Tweak to OrchardCMS#2879 - remove compiler directives (OrchardCMS#3081)

* Adding configuration support (OrchardCMS#2824)

* Implement custom configuration

* Improving configuration

* Use configured values when creating tenants, including the "Default" one.

* Changes after discussion.

* Filter invalid tenant config section.

* Missing update.

* Minor changes.

* Allow to add manually any values in the local config of a tenant.

* UpgradeFromBeta2

* Configured Features also used by the ShellDescriptorManager (the one that uses database).

* Fix building

* Minor changes.

* Add extensibility for settings and config sources.

* Refactoring

* Renaming

* Minor changes.

* Solve conflicts

* Only one config sources service

* Adding sample configuration sections

* "TenantSettings" class wrapping the settings config source, and some renamings.

* Revert some renaming and reduce 2 classes implementations into only one.

* Suggests to lazily create shells. In tenants page uses "_shellHost.GetAllSettings()".

* Compromise with null config values, concurrent data provider, refactoring ...

* Renaming tenant => shell.

* Fixes bg service, limit the usage of "ListShellContexts" that now don't create released shells.

Always create the default tenant on statup, other tenants are still lazily created.

* Update modules using IConfiguration => IShellConfiguration.

* [GraphQL] Multiple alias names with the same index (OrchardCMS#3084)

* Fixes OrchardCMS#3080 - Multiple Alias names with the same index

* Adding Tests

* tweak

* Fixes application view paths. (OrchardCMS#3087)

* Fixing docker image generation

* Cleaning App_Data after functional tests

* Fixing stdin

* Adding missing ContentPart.TermAdmin template (OrchardCMS#3091)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3078

The TermAdmin display type is used when rendering the terms list.
The ContentPart.TermAdmin fallback template is required.

* Cleaning App_Data before creating Docker images

* Fixing travis script

* [GraphQL] Option to collapse parts (OrchardCMS#2842)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2842

* [GraphQL] Should Filter On Multiple Indexes with the Same Alias (OrchardCMS#3088)

* Failing Test

* Adding missing index registration

* update id

* Maybe it does work!? and we jsut need examples

* Added validation for AliasPart to test for duplicate aliases (OrchardCMS#2310) (OrchardCMS#3095)

* Deleting the web.config file (OrchardCMS#3092)

A web.config is automatically generated during publish.
If users need a custom one they can always create it.

* [GraphQL] Collapse fixes (OrchardCMS#3112)

Fixes Collapse issues

* Layer rule based on the current culture (OrchardCMS#3108)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3107

* Manage Culture admin page (OrchardCMS#3101)

Add spaces in the breadcurmb
Label 'Add a culture:'

* Use accepted values for resized images (OrchardCMS#3113)

* Fix that media modal is not shown when trumbowyg is full screen (OrchardCMS#3116)

* Missing references and cleanups. (OrchardCMS#3093)

* Updating yessql (OrchardCMS#3099)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3028
Fixes OrchardCMS#3029

* Updating dotnet version on Travis

* Adding Visual Studio extension and training demo module references to (OrchardCMS#3102)

* Change resize mode to max for modal in TheAgency

* Fixing concurrent execution of fields resolution (OrchardCMS#3119)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3029

* [GraphQL] Fixes UserContext being null for collapsed  fields (OrchardCMS#3121)

* Prevent nested containers during setup step (OrchardCMS#3120)

Otherwise we get multiple concurrent singletons that
might not be fine with it. Now all scopes are created and
released serially.

* Add Admin Attribute (OrchardCMS#3124)

* Fixing connection usage (OrchardCMS#3131)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3096

* Fix connection usage not supplying transaction during upgrade from beta 2 (OrchardCMS#3137)

* Updating Fluid

* Fixing stackoverflow when displaying media (OrchardCMS#3132)

* Updating YesSql (OrchardCMS#3134)

* Updating Request liquid object documentation

* NavigationBuilder AddAsync(). (OrchardCMS#3151)

* NavigationBuilder AddAsync().

* React to review.

* Missing change.

* Update Demo AdminMenu that needs actions to be rendered.

* React to review - AddAsync for another missing signature.

* Remove interpolated strings from calls to IStringLocalizer (OrchardCMS#3160)

* Ensure meta tags are rendered self closing (OrchardCMS#3159)

Noticed when initializing `MetaEntry` with parameters, the meta tag
wouldn't be rendered self closing. Fix was to make the constructor with
parameters also call the empty constructor.

* Unecessary calls to AddMvc() and AddMvcCore(). (OrchardCMS#3154)

* Fix z-index of child media modals (OrchardCMS#3149)

* Take the PathBase into account. (OrchardCMS#3094)

* Fixing package references (OrchardCMS#3175)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3097

* Fix assets app position when a warning is visible. (OrchardCMS#3173)

* Make IRecipeExecutor a tenant singleton. (OrchardCMS#3127)

* Add OpenID config input hints for redirect URIs (OrchardCMS#3179)

* Updating dependencies (OrchardCMS#3181)

* Fixes plural localization in the DispayManagement project (OrchardCMS#3185)

* [GraphQL] Add the hidden option (OrchardCMS#3152)

Gives the user the ability to Hide a field, content type, part or part on content type from the graphql schema.

Changed the options DSL to be more explicit too.

* Adding documentation for meta tags

* Fixing IndexingTaskManager table prefix usage (OrchardCMS#3190)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3183

* Adding Hide to the Content Item which is what I actually wanted (OrchardCMS#3193)

* Fixing IndexingTaskManager table prefix usage in FlushAsync (OrchardCMS#3192)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3183

* Adding shape_cache liquid tag (OrchardCMS#3194)

* Fix some typos found during translations

* Fix typos found during localization

* Fixes that graphql where statements have a suffix of part on partnames OrchardCMS#3206 (OrchardCMS#3207)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3206

* Fixes part removal in where if the index has multiple aliases (OrchardCMS#3217)

Tests and fixes for OrchardCMS#3207

* Fix null reference exception in MediaField.cshtml (OrchardCMS#3228)

* Added claims to the list of available properties (OrchardCMS#3236)

* Adding Step variable to the For Loop (OrchardCMS#3248)

* Add jquery as dependency of icon picker script (OrchardCMS#3242)

* Fixed introspection for contentitemtype ignored fields (OrchardCMS#3238)

* [GraphQL] collapsed where statements fixes OrchardCMS#3234 (OrchardCMS#3235)

* Adding configurable upload limits (OrchardCMS#3221)

* Allow theming for Login/Registration/ResetPassword (OrchardCMS#3218)

* Initialize content picker field with empty array (OrchardCMS#3247)

* Fix null error when BodyAspect is not populated (OrchardCMS#3230)

* Add "property" attribute to the meta tag helper. (OrchardCMS#3211)

* Disable encoding for templated queries (OrchardCMS#3224)

* Refactor liquid templates with custom encoders

* Simplifying theme template

Fixes OrchardCMS#3196

* Update SixLabors.ImageSharp.Web Version 1.0.0-beta0007 (OrchardCMS#3245)

* Cleanup MediaFileResolver

* Fixing taxonomy recipes (OrchardCMS#3253)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3191

* Fix typo in icon picker style tag (OrchardCMS#3265)

* Update content field readme (OrchardCMS#3264)

* Using default content icon for non-image files (OrchardCMS#3256)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3240

* Fix icon picker initialization (OrchardCMS#3271)

* Remove unused OrchardCore.Title dependency from OrchardCore.Media (OrchardCMS#3266)

* Remove unnecessary fields from content picker view model (OrchardCMS#3268)

* Disable Layers on Admin themes (OrchardCMS#3272)

* Represent OIDC authorities as System.Uri instances to perform automatic normalization (OrchardCMS#3269)

* Revert "Fixing taxonomy recipes (OrchardCMS#3253)"

This reverts commit f82cf1d.

* Refactoring Media validation (OrchardCMS#3282)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3263

* Allow to add alternates in OnProcessing (OrchardCMS#3277)

* Fix openid certificates on Azure App Services (OrchardCMS#3255)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3222

* Fixing NRE on CMS recipe

Fixes OrchardCMS#3287

* Fix the issue of workflow-recipe (OrchardCMS#3290)

The existing  must be deleted,  not the workflow as workflow doesn't have an id yet

* Use flexbox for content alignment on content picker (OrchardCMS#3295)

* Allows to get more application's module file infos. (OrchardCMS#3296)

* Improving functional tests log (OrchardCMS#3298)

* Update YesSql

Fixes OrchardCMS#3292

* Fixing plural translation exceptions (OrchardCMS#3316)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3201

* Setting liquid encodings explicitely (OrchardCMS#3315)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3307

* Fixing LoadingAsync for known parts (OrchardCMS#3308)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3305

* Fix wrong language label of this repository (OrchardCMS#3303)

* Add guides section to docs (OrchardCMS#3309)

* Reusing the same part instances (OrchardCMS#3310)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3305

* Fix bug workflow.JavaScriptWorkflowScriptEvaluator (OrchardCMS#3314)

* Remove temporary reconfiguration of google options (OrchardCMS#3321)

* Update ShapeCacheTag.cs (OrchardCMS#3322)

* Update CacheExpiresSlidingTag.cs (OrchardCMS#3323)

* Update GoogleAuthenticationSettings.Edit.cshtml

Fixes OrchardCMS#3329

* Fixing TenantApiController swagger support

Fixes OrchardCMS#2985

* Updating fluid (OrchardCMS#3284)

* Only add a user claim when it is not present (OrchardCMS#3326)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3327

* Fix BlobFileStore (OrchardCMS#3336)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3280

* Fixing new content item edition (OrchardCMS#3337)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3333

* Use jsDelivr for font-awesome

Fixes OrchardCMS#3330
Fixes OrchardCMS#3318

* Use NullStringLocalizer by default in the CMS (OrchardCMS#3344)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3301

* [Https] Propose current port as SSL Port (OrchardCMS#3026) (OrchardCMS#3350)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3026

* Fixing Mvc sample

Fixes OrchardCMS#3339

* Prevent loading all workflows in the startup (OrchardCMS#3320)

* Update (OrchardCMS#3262)

* Added graphql query sample (OrchardCMS#3285)

* Implementing content type permissions (OrchardCMS#3354)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2570

* Improved dynamic cache performance

* Rollback the key from "WorkflowExecutionContext" to "Workflow" (OrchardCMS#3361)

* Replaces existing arrays when updating content items via script (OrchardCMS#3357)

* Defining Menu parts (OrchardCMS#3367)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3276

* Fix Get not returning changes made be Apply (OrchardCMS#3365)

* Updating Fluid

* Fixing MVC templates

* Applying documentation feedback

* Adding Guides index

* Fixing documentation index

* Moving the guides up in the index

* Fixing Fluid concurrency

* Add new guide about adding admin menus. (OrchardCMS#3378)

* Add new guide about creating cms application (OrchardCMS#3379)

* Fixing guides index

* Fixing typo

* Preventing doc changes from running the CIs

* Fixing formatting

* Migrating microsoft/dotnet to MCR

* Add Google module documentation to toc. Fix Facebook and Twitter documentation

* Fixing route (OrchardCMS#3386)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3383

* Missing description and name in manifests (OrchardCMS#3385)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3384

* Adding SVG in allowed media types

* Add screenshots to create cms guide. (OrchardCMS#3387)

* Add Crowdin badge to Localization page

* Add return url to add and edit field  views to make them usable from different sources. (OrchardCMS#3390)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3389

* HTML Escaping - Change 'Raw' to 'raw' (OrchardCMS#3393)

The liquid filter needs to be lowercase 'raw' to work, uppercase 'Raw' did not work for me.

* Add CodeMirror autorefresh (OrchardCMS#3394)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3376

* Fix build for docker (OrchardCMS#3395)

* Fixing DataAnnotations localization (OrchardCMS#3396)

Fixes OrchardCMS#2974

* Adding localization file guide (OrchardCMS#3397) [skip ci]

* Updated badge for appveyor

* Fixed URI

* Fix typos in 'Installing Localization Files' guide

* Add in `crop` for Resize Mode (OrchardCMS#3411)

`crop` is already supported in liquid syntax, just isn't documented. Adding in this documentation.

* Call PublishAsync instead of using VersionOptions. (OrchardCMS#3420)

* small fix on dotnet restore (OrchardCMS#3423)

* Improve create button on ListPart (OrchardCMS#3412)

*  Fix codemirror.css path (OrchardCMS#3399)

* Fixing Media Liquid Filter 'resize_url' arguments (OrchardCMS#3425)

Fixes OrchardCMS#3408

* Revert "Call PublishAsync instead of using VersionOptions. (OrchardCMS#3420)" (OrchardCMS#3427)

This reverts commit b19eda5.

* Updating Fluid

* Redirecting user to confirmation page after password reset request. (OrchardCMS#3429)

* Update
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