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Orchard Documentation
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App_Code updated search to use QueryParser.Escape(query)
Attachments Updated Basic-Orchard-Concepts.markdown
Bin Corrected ` vs ' in MarkdownSharp
Documentation Reprecate Lists.
Scripts Improving the TOC
Styles Updating line height for H1 tags.
Upload updated screen shots for managing tags
Walkthroughs Create orchard-logo.svg
.gitignore tweak .gitignore to exclude bin and packages
BingSearch.cshtml Repairing previous damage
BingSiteAuth.xml Bing verification file
Contributors.cshtml add github link to profile images on /contributors
Index.markdown Update Index.markdown
Index.markdown.orig Merge branch 'master' of
Readme.txt Creating Custom Forms and other minor updates
Search.cshtml More repairs
Web.config Update Web.config
_AppStart.cshtml More repairs
_PageStart.cshtml use correct casing in edit link
_SiteLayout.cshtml Contributors page added for Orchard Documentation
app.js Contributors page added for Orchard Documentation
contributors.css improve formatting of contributors page
contributors.js fix typo in variable name
license.txt Create license.txt
robots.txt Manually Install from zip


- You can create a _PageStart.cshtml and a _SiteLayout.cshtml in each of the sub folders to customize them per book/chapter
- Index.markdown is the default document when no route is defined
- urls like [text](~/url) are automatically resolved
- #include(~/url.markdown) are automatically inserted
- comments can be done using // at the beginning of lines
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