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Fix #621 and fix #339 - at least this change should eliminate situati…

…on where rendering target pages (to register Dynamic Data Url Mappers) may fail due to target page URL containing /c1mode(relative). This area is still not perfect - this should be an in proc process to ensure it will execute in the same process (going via http request may hit another server or be blocked).
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mawtex committed Dec 4, 2018
1 parent c71a3ce commit 38935d9bbd1eff468a26b5fab500f834060f96d2
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  1. +1 −1 Composite/Data/PageRenderingHistory.cs
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ private static void RenderPage(IPage page)

var urlSpace = new UrlSpace(context) { ForceRelativeUrls = true };
var urlSpace = new UrlSpace(context) { ForceRelativeUrls = false };
var url = PageUrls.BuildUrl(page, UrlKind.Public, urlSpace)
?? PageUrls.BuildUrl(page, UrlKind.Renderer, urlSpace);

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