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@mawtex mawtex released this Aug 16, 2017 · 213 commits to master since this release

C1 CMS 6.2 (6.2.6436.18972)

This release brings about new features in the CMS Console and Content Search areas and overall performance and memory optimizations, giving an all around speed improvement and critical performance improvements for sites with a vey large amount of pages.

Also, a previously commercial feature - the ability to manage multiple sub-sites with unique host names - is now part of the open source project.


Download C1 CMS 6.2

What’s new in C1 CMS 6.2?

Host name management / multi-site support

The previously commercial feature that allowed admins to manage multiple host names / sub-sites is now part of the open source project. This allow you to associate host names with specific localized sub sites, manage 404 pages per host name and more.

Also - not previously available - “Always use HTTPS” support added for host name settings, enabling you to auto redirect all http requests to https.

See for more.



The CMS Console browser show PDF, HTML and text file previews when browsing the Media perspective. Code files (.config, .css, .cshtml, .aspx etc.) are shown in the browser as well, when browsing website file structures (Layout and System perspectives).

pdf previewing

Resource File (.resx) editor added to the CMS Console, enabling editing and translating .resx files.
The perspective buttons (left side, Content, Media etc.) now offer a context menu on right click, allowing you to set permissions for the perspective. Other commands attached do perspective elements will also show up. Also, clicking the icon for an already active perspective, will focus the perspective’s main browser.


Dev features

The build in page performance profiler improved - performance trace show a more detailed breakdown and allow you to order by memory usage.

New CMS Console widget available, Hierarchical Tree Selector, allowing users to select X items from a tree structure.

Tree Definition files now support formatting dates, ints and decimals in labels.

Content Search

Search now support facetted search on reference fields on data types. Improved quality of keyword highlighting for text excerpts in search results.

website search function settings

Performance optimizations and fixes

Performance optimization for XML based sites – DateTime, Guid, bool and decimal values were always parsed from underlying string value, now the parsed value is cached.

Performance optimizations across the board for Console security resolving. For sites with larger more complex content trees, this can yield a visible performance improvement.

Memory handling fixes, removing unneeded object finalizers and ensuring IDisposable are disposed of in an orderly fashion. Memory optimizations.

Fixes around our use of the Roslyn Compiler – fixing issues where App_Resources were not compiled for non-default language, some Web Form code on websites would not compile and XSLT inline C# compilation failed.

Critical fix: Chrome v60 update broke setup wizard, preventing CMS install using this browser.

Several other UI improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.

The method for serializing “entity token” and “data source id” changes from escaped string custom format to JSON. This make reading such tokens a lot easier.


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