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Purpose of ADDONS

The purpose of the ADDONS committee is:

  1. to compile and maintain a listing of high-value, high-quality addons within the Alfresco ecosystem that complements the central listing at
  2. to define and update a catalog of criteria to review and approve addons for inclusion in the listing based on industry best practices, user/community feedback and requirements of other committees (e.g. DISTRO)
  3. to support addon developers in meeting those criteria by communicating both the benefits as well as suitable methods / approaches to compliance
  4. to follow up on the state of included addons in regular intervals and on specific triggers (releases of Alfresco / addon) and re-evaluate / re-certify addons as necessary
  5. to track valuable addons that have fallen in a state of neglect and work with the addon developer as well as the wider community to keep on maintaining / updating these
  6. to compile an overview of frequent requirements, requests and use cases not covered by an existing addon as well as to support and if necessary coordinate activities in the community to implement missing addons

Addon listing

Work in Progress