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OOTBee Support Tools

This addon aims to enhance the scope and functionality available to Alfresco administrators via the Repository-tier Admin Console or Share-tier Admin Tools. It contains most of the tools provided with the Alfresco Support Tools addon (by Antonio Soler) without requiring to be run on any specific Alfresco edition as well as about half a dozen custom tools.

The project started as a project at the 2016 Global Virtual Hack-a-thon and has since been transferred to the Order of the Bee in order to make it a fully community-owned and -maintained project.


This project has been built to be compatible with Alfresco Community 5.0.d+ and Alfresco Enterprise 5.1+.

Though it can technically be installed in Alfresco Enterprise 5.0 it will not work properly in that version as the Enterprise Administration Console cannot handle Community Edition tools. The tools will be listed in the navigation but cannot be accessed (result in HTTP 404 errors due to hardcoded URL patterns).

Maven usage

This addon is being build using Alfresco SDK 4. This means we primarily produce a JAR artifact that can be added to an Alfresco installation, though care must be taken to also include all of the third party dependencies required by the OOTBee Support Tools. For users who want a hassle free installation using Alfresco Module Packages (AMPs) we also still produce an AMP for both Repository and Share as we have done in version

Using SNAPSHOT builds

In order to use a pre-built SNAPSHOT artifact published to the Open Source Sonatype Repository Hosting site, the artifact repository may need to be added to the POM, global settings.xml or an artifact repository proxy server. The following is the XML snippet for inclusion in a POM file.



Including the AMP artifact into an All-in-One project created from the archetype provided by Alfresco SDK 4, the following dependency must be added to the *-platform-docker sub-module of the generated project:



The Admin Tools added to the Share user interface are built on Aikau. We recommend that one of the most recent releases of Aikau is used to run the tools for optimal performance, but technically we are compatible and have verified releases as far back as 1.0.67.

Including the AMP artifact into an All-in-One project created from the archetype provided by Alfresco SDK 4, the following dependency must be added to the *-share-docker sub-module of the generated project:


Artifact Repository and Building

Releases of this addon are published to Maven Central so you can use these artifacts in your Maven build without any extra configuration. If you want to use a SNAPSHOT build, clone this project and build it locally using:

mvn install


We hope to have lots of collaborators on this project. As such, we have outlined our contribution policies and proceedures in the document.

Code of conduct

It is a key goal of our project to foster active participation and collaboration with the greater Alfresco community. To that end we expect folks to conform to our


This addon is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3 similarily to the original work by Antonio Soler. See for the full LGPL license.

Alfresco (base software) - Copyright © Alfresco Software Ltd.

This addon contains code forked from the JavaScript Console project developed by Florian Maul, with major contributions from Jens Goldhammer and Axel Faust. The JavaScript Console project is/was licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Based on section 4, item d of the Apache License, the modifications made to JavaScript Console source code / derivative work created as part of this fork are (re-)licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as the umbrella license for this addon.

This addon contains / packages the following, unaltered open source libraries in at least some of its distribution artifacts (AMP):

The Contributor Covenant is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Original authors: