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Spooktober Community Map Project

A Halloween 2018 map pack for Doom.

Submission rules

  • Maps should be horror themed and/or follow a Halloween-fitting style.
  • Custom resources are allowed, along with new monsters and items/weapons.
  • Maps must be in UDMF format.
  • All maps are to be played from pistol start (or any starting items of the author's choice)
  • Jumpscares are discouraged, though not outright forbidden.
  • The project deadline is on the 30th of October, the day before Halloween. Can be delayed if necessary for some mappers to finish their work.

The maps

  • SPOOKHUB: Gallery of Spooks - Marisa Kirisame


  • SPOOK01: Imperishable Fright - Jaxxoon R
  • SPOOK02: A Baron's Nightmare - Rachael
  • SPOOK03: Pumpkin Head - Pixel Eater
  • SECRET01: Uncle Reggie's Basement - Giraffe Man

East Wing

  • SPOOK04: For Whom It Is Reserved - zrrion the insect
  • SPOOK05: The Unpowered Spaceship - CanSteam
  • SPOOK06: Avarice - UndeadRyker
  • SECRET02: Bobby - ImpieTwo

West Wing

  • SPOOK07: The Crimson Flow - Rachael
  • SPOOK08: The Graveyard Shift - Batandy
  • SPOOK09: Deep Sea - Camper125Lv
  • SECRET03: Point Motion - Marisa Kirisame

Second Floor

  • SPOOK10: Mansion of Despair - QuakedoomNukem Cz
  • SPOOK11: Large House of Illusions - leodoom85
  • SPOOK12: Alone in the Dark - ImpieTwo
  • SECRET04: The War-den - Pixel Eater


  • SPOOK13: Nightmare Fuel Arena - Marisa Kirisame
  • SECRET05: Golden Slaughterer - Marisa Kirisame