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Visual Deconstruction - Benalis Big Race.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - Car park capacity dashboard.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - Custom Made hexmap.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - EPL Maps.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - Explorer House Floorplan.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - Flood Network.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - Scafell Pike.pdf
Visual Deconstruction - VisitScotland.pdf


GeoDataViz Toolkit – visual deconstructions

Taking visualisations apart to understand how they were made.

A visual deconstruction is a method of recording the styling rules for a data visualisation. It is made up of a title, a description, a url where relevant, keyword tags, an image, plus the draw order and styling information for each layer of data from which it is compiled.

It is a form of documentation that allows you to quickly reference and recreate styling rules, as well as being able to share it clearly with others. It is also a great way to learn how something is made and therefore is a useful tool for someone designing their own visualisation.

This repository contains all of our visual deconstructions which can be viewed in the browser or downloaded and even printed.

Using visual deconstructions

Copy the colours - We list all the styling information including hex colour codes so you can grab the colours and apply them to your own work.

View in the browser - You can view the PDFs directly in the browser by selecting one within this repository.

Download and print - Print them as a reference when you're designing your own visualisations. Our visual deconstructions are 210mm wide so they are printable on A4.

Make your own visual deconstructions

In this repository you will find templates from which you can create your own visual deconstructions. We have made them available in Adobe Illustrator (AI) files, compatible with CS6 and CC.

If you do make your own then please let us know via Twitter: @cartocraftsman and @charley_glynn

Other sources of inspiration

Pinterest - is a content sharing service that allows members to share images, videos and other objects on their virtual pin boards. If you search for words like 'maps' or 'dataviz' you will find a whole host of inspiring images.

Designspiration - is similar to Pinterest and you can search any word to return a wide range of images. You can also search based on specific colours.

Mapbox blog - The design team at Mapbox regularly share lots of their fantastic work and latest updates.

ESRI Maps We Love - Explore a whole host of amazing maps and be inspired!

Atlas of Design - is not strictly an online resource but this series of books from NACIS contains some fantastic examples of modern cartographic design.


If you have any feedback about these visual deconstructions then please raise an issue on this repository.

Thank you

OS GeoDataViz team