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Thematic Mapping Techniques Workbook.pdf

Thematic Mapping Techniques

In this workshop we explore various thematic mapping techniques. We will be using QGIS and Mapbox Studio to do this. By the end of it we will have created 5 different maps (dot density, proportional symbol, choropleth, hexbin and 3D prism), all using the same data source.

We will be looking at greenspaces within Greater London.

You will need to download this repository onto your machine before getting started.

What’s included?

Workbook - This contains an illustrated step-by-step guide for you to work through at your own pace. You may find it more convenient to print this out.

Data folder - This contains all the data required for this workshop.

Backup Data folder - Hopefully you won’t need to use this data but if for some reason one of the steps in the workbook doesn’t work, you can use this instead.


You will need to install QGIS and create a free Mapbox account.

Data & Licence

All the data used in this workshop is from OS Open Data and therefore is free to use under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

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