SQL scripts & cartographic stylesheets for OS MasterMap Topography Layer
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OS MasterMap Topography Layer SQL & stylesheets

This repository contains database SQL scripts and cartographic stylesheets for styling OS MasterMap Topography Layer. Our hope is for this new method to become the standard way to post process the data so that styling OS MasterMap Topography Layer is far simpler and easier than before. It will also enable all of our customers and partners to utilise the released cartographic stylesheets.

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is available in this repository and will help you apply the SQL and Stylesheets to your data.


The contents of this repository are licensed under the Open Government Licence 3.0


Partner Solutions


This style tool can be run against your OS MasterMap Topography data to create and calculate the fields and values for applying the correct styles. More information can be found on this blog post.