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Sample Web Application

Create a sample Web Application.
Goal: a user login page that allows the end user to access a list of clients by id and name. Requirements: User cannot access client list until logged in. Requirements: User cannot access client list until logged in.
Technologies: HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP5, and MySQL


  • Does not include the following (all though they could be added later):
    1. create new user form
    2. change user password
    3. create user profile
    4. Upon successful login, display the current user's first name with greeting
    5. Display the full Contact Details form

Steps to Run App:

  1. Unzip file:
  2. Locate the Database file & import the script using your MySQL IDE: Setup/monkediadb.sql
  3. Update Database settings to match your database within file: includes: db_config Default settings are loaded
  4. Run Application: http://localhost/ProjectFolderName/index.php
  5. Default Settings: username: Your Company Email (for example: password: CompanyName
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